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    Originally posted by Floris View Post
    Just like the thread, just per template that I gave it .. without any problems. No left over html code etc.

    So if you only use RSS: Description, than it will look just like that. A 2 to 3 line set of text covering the first lines of the topic, but NOT the full description.

    Which what your doing in that case is sending traffic off your forum, and into your blog, (( which some might want to do )) for the sake of using the More... url link to view more of the article.

    To accomodate both bloggers and forum people though, if you can post the whole entry without error in formatting that comes with 3.6 until Mike's fix is put into 3.7.1, if you use Encoded for the whole description the formatting will come out incorrectly.

    This is what I'm trying to say in pure english.

    I'm not putting down the team or the product. What I'm telling you is that due to incompatibility of the RSS Feed Manager with recognizing HTML or properly checking Feeds on a regular basis, entries are not getting posted and you're sending traffic off your board to post in your blog indifference to your forum. While some might want to do the latter, it makes no sense. Yes blog traffic is good, but the forum is the heart of the community, where you can see "who's online" and conglomerate as a group. I guess if you could import all the comments from the blog entries it would be like a mirror system that would work perfectly, but it doesn't work like that as far as I know.

    Floris, do you honestly expect someone to go read the blog entry, then amazingly come back to the forum and post on the forum indifference to posting in the blog? Even if you say yes, you're creating more work for the end-users or you're visitors, you're making it harder than it needs to be.

    What I'd like to do is accomodate both groups. If you want to post in the blog, then do it, if that brought you to the site and you see it and not the forum, then post in the blog. If you see it on the forum and are a forum member, I'd like you to be able to read the whole article without changing pages and comment on it there if you feel the need to.

    To Wayne, I'd like to post an entry on Myanmar and one of the deadliest storms in history to get the word out and (( due to our site maybe a prayer request )), but I'd like it to post before the whole clean up and aid efforts are completed 4 weeks from now.

    See what I'm saying now?


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