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How to make a large forum?

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  • Share the Love How to make a large forum?


    Just wondering how to make large forum (With minimum spam off course). Any secrets for it?

    My forum
    Threads: 3,433, Posts: 24,377, Members: 7,803

    And it is already 5 years (From simple cgi forum, then jump from one forum software to another, now with VB). So it is a very tiny forum.

    Just wondering how to make it large and active.

    Please advice.

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    So many times I see these threads from people with 10 members to 25,000, and I really wonder what everyone expects as "big forum" to be.

    How big do you want it to be? Why do you want it that big, glory, your own pride, or to really fill a niche?

    I believe nowadays the best sites are one's being made to fill niches' not already flooded or exploited.

    For example, game sites just boggle my mind nowadays, perhaps even Christian sites like my own do to. Why make one? When there are so many others out there. It's a totally uphill battle that many will lose. UNLESS of course you are filling a niche.

    I'd say continue doing what your doing, at 8 K members basically, and who knows how many active, strangely low posts though, you just keep going forward and trying to be more active or unique then the rest out there. People always say "content is king", pssh..what a joke. Yeah, content draws traffic due to search engines but it doesn't make people join. People have to be impressed on multi-levels of not only design, layout, functionality, and yes...content. They have to be interested of course or they won't join.

    I don't have the answer and while many can give opinions what works for others still might NOT work for you. So advice given in many cases is useless to me, while accepting some that is said, it's I really expect a 100% turnaround over night? Probably not. I just chill and be happy with what I have and if it's 2 members or 200,000 as long as people are enjoying themselves, who cares?

    I think many people are competitive and being the best is great, but knowing you are better than others in at least one aspect of your website, is good enough for me.

    Sorry, I'm not more help.

    L E G I O N


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        Thank you for your replies.
        Yes, you are right. Better choose quality over quantity.


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