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Advertising income with your forum - Anyone making over $100K per year ?

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    Originally posted by D. Thomas View Post
    Just out of curiosity, how do you know ?
    He used to be quite open about his earnings on his blog and elsewhere.


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      Originally posted by Floris View Post
      For privacy reasons I obviously can't share who, but I am helping as webmaster on two vB powered sites that both make over 300K a year. Note: I do not know if this is incl or excl. server costs, hiring staff, etc. It's not impossible to have your business around your community, and have your traffic result in a lot of money on a daily/monthly basis. To get VC funding and/or get purchased by bigger companies like Google, etc. There are a lot of expansive and growing forums who are 'lucky' to get that big - and then there the success ones who had a business plan and a good idea about their short term and long term plans on how to grow and monetize their traffic.
      Originally posted by svtsnake01 View Post
      My site makes over $100,000, but its tough. Pretty much a fulltime job at this point, both my wife and I work to keep the site up.
      Originally posted by T.S. View Post
      I think lee dodd was supposedly making around 100k per month from at one point.
      Pardon me, are you talking about ADVERTISING or SELLING ?
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        Originally posted by Redseal View Post
        When you run a large board what kind of work goes into it? Don't they sustain themselves at a certain point? Are you talking upgrades, backups and moderation?
        You'd be surprised at the amount of work...I have weeks where it's only 20 hours, and weeks where it's 60+...server upgrades, software upgrades, team management, participation in the site, tracking your competition...all take time...I'm VERY hands on with my site and keep the pressure off my moderators when it comes down to some decisions regarding users....managing 20,000+ posts a week takes time tho...

        My site's been around in one form or another since 1996...I took yearly 'paper' losses of over $25,000 for a few years, but the site has maintained a steady growth and a consistent userbase...if this year goes as planned, gross will be close to $100k...then you start pulling hosting expenses (mine recently increased $1000 a month due to bandwidth), hardware costs (just installed another new $5k+ server this week), plus other marketing/promotion and business related expenses and my 'net' will drop quickly....

        I reached the point about a year ago where I no longer had time for a 'day' job...the contract I'm doing now provides me great cross-marketing with the site and allows me enough time to sufficiently keep up with things - occasionally, it gets a bit crazy tho


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