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Why do you call yourself that? (nick)

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    *points to last name*

    Basically the same thing as with Kevin -- one of my friends just called me that in study hall (or homeroom -- I forget), and I made it stick. My older brother used to call me Egg because he thought I had a big head for my age. LOL


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      Originally posted by Kier
      Well my personal compiler (Brain 4.3 beta) broke on that little expression... so I figured that PHP probably would too

      [edit - ooh this is post 2000 ]
      congrats.. 5,000+ for me
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        I used to Write SAWolf in games when i got a high score. Its short for "Saudi Arabian Wolf" Since my first game was a jet fighter plane I added the 76 later on when i got online and its my year of birth. I never had problems regestering this online. So thats good
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          First letter of my first name (Ben) + last name (Milder) = boring nickname

          I've been on the internet since about age 10 so when I got my email account I just modeled it after my dad's account (rmilder). Then when I started registering for bulletin boards I didn't bother thinking up anything new.


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            Well....the first 3 years I was online, I went by my AOL screen name (even after I left aol after a year and a half.) So, to much of the net, I'm known as MetalMommy. MetalMommy came about because I like Heavy Metal Music and I'm a Mom.

            These days, I'm Susan or Susan + initials. It just makes sense to keep my actual name as my user name. Especially since meeting a bunch of people from an AOL chat room I used to hang out in and having them all call me "Metal" all day. LOL The really sad thing about that is that I actually answered to it.


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              Originally posted by eva2000
              congrats.. 5,000+ for me
              Cheating doesn't count


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                Fred because its my real name. Well, short for my real name.

                (My real name is Frederik)


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                  Skeptical came about when ubb banned my other name after I "skeptically" asked them why ubb Enterprise wasn't going to be released. So then naturally I re-registered using this name "Skeptical" and since then it just stuck.

                  Oh btw, this name has been since banned again over at ubb.
                  Well, there it is.
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