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Why do you call yourself that? (nick)

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  • Why do you call yourself that? (nick)


    I was just thinking that it would be cool to know why we all use the nicknames we do. My nick actually comes from 2 things:

    1. Ozone layer
    2. My upcomming site O/Zone Graphics (Option Zone Graphics)
    3. 2000 was the date i started making a new design for OZG.

    ... what about you? why do you use that nick?

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    Despite popular belief, I have no connection or affiliation with horses of any kind. :-)

    The code name of my first motherboard was "Stallion", so thats what I entered when naming it during the Windows installation. From then on, my computer was accessed via "Stallion" on the network, and it became my handle.

    I'm slowly changing it over to "clambert", though, which has pretty obvious reasoning behind it. :-)


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      Cos Im a miserable sod and I moan a lot.


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        back when i was just a little guy.... me, my brother, and my dad used to play a game on our old mac called delirium. when you got a high score you got to put in your name. my dad used 'Bunceman' (our last name + man) cos 'he was the man' he said, hehe. of course i couldn't use 'Bunceman' so instead i used 'Jakeman'... and it just stuck.


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          Well, the Gekko processor is the codename for the Gamecube's CPU, and i run a Gamecube website, so well... it fit.
          The Wiire


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            I just like the name Joe.


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              nick from my first full web site and most successful site
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                I have been using some variation of it for the last 30.66634 years.

                I guess after the first 6 months you get used to whatever the people around you call you.
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                  First name and last intial.

                  I use other names.. like CD\R cause I was the first in my area to get a cd burner.. when they were REALLY expensive.. so that kind of got stuck on me.. my friends used to call me CD.. don't know why they didn't just call me BC.. but oh well.


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                    My nickname
                    OPEN TECH SUPPORT
                    "Tech is our middle name!"


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                      I post on a few other forums with my nick name RoadRash. I got this nick name after crashing my road bike (bicycle) at 35mph. I slid well over 50 feet on my side, the doctor said i lost 4lbs of skin. I dont even have a scar now, but for a few weeks, i couldnt do anything but lay in bed, friends would call and just ask for rash, and it stuck.


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                        i did that once too. but i only slid about 30 feet. it sucked.


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                          what? that you only slid 30 feet

                          oh, my Nick, cos everytime I went to sign up a username they had all already gone, so I shoved UK in front of it and ... well thats about it.. I use Liam because I prefer my middle name.


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                            Well, my fav animal...


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                              I've had this nickname since I was about 14 or so...

                              I'm a singer, I play guitar, and All through high school I was in bands (out after graduation)...

                              My friends actually started calling me that... So it stuck...

                              I just moved to Florida -- so the first time in about 7 years, I'm bandless...

                              Before my son was born, I was in a fairly popular local band -- sang co-lead with another girl (she could wail - that's good if you didn't know... )... We were going to audition for Lilith Fair -- but something came up and we weren't able to audition


                              I could've been jamming with some of the best female rockers in the word (and we probably would've made it).

                              That's my story behind the nick...


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