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[A Bodybuilding Forum and Us] All input is truly appreciated to the fullest extent.

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  • [A Bodybuilding Forum and Us] All input is truly appreciated to the fullest extent.

    Introduction: We both need your help in solving our issues as well as reading this whole thread, we greatly appreciate it to the greatest extent. Please don't be too negative on anything you don't fancy, etc..., but instead please give suggestions on how to improve something.

    To start, hello everyone I am in the process of creating a new forum with a friend/personal trainer and it will be on the topic of bodybuilding. Now this bodybuilding forum is going to be really sweet and we have a lot of great ideas for it, as well the color scheme is going to be really cool. I think that the fact that a friend(who is a personal trainer) and other personal trainers as well are in on working on this is really awesome.

    The name of the site and domain is:

    Vast Bodybuilding
    • Issue #1: The first dilemma we are in is that I personally own Talk Fitness,, a fitness forum and the case is is that it isn't active at all, so we're trying to decide if we should move the license over to while at the same time keeping all the posts, etc... that were on Talk Fitness or if we should continue to work on Talk Fitness and make it better, push it to get more members. Our main purpose is to create a "bodybuilding" site so we're leaning to creating this bodybuilding forum. What are your thoughts on this?
    • Issue #2: We are asking ourselves if the site name/domain is cool and unique? Something that hasn't really been heard before and therefore people will go checkout since they may wonder what "Vast" means as well in our minds Vast Bodybuilding is a cool/unique name for a bodybuilding site/forum because Bodybuilding itself is so immense/huge/intense/boundless, for example achieving one's goals is so great, surpassing goals is so great, etc... you see the point we're getting at... So this is our thoughts on the name Vast Bodybuilding. As well if the name isn't working for you what would be a better name to put infront of "bodybuiding"??? ***Please see below the colors we are working with as well as the logo/slogans we have been come up with for Vast Bodybuilding, please remember this is all under the works *** What are your thoughts on this?
    • Issue #3: The dilemma we're in is whether or not we should install the forum under or and have vbadvanced installed as the main index page. Or if we have it installed under /forum should we have just point to Can you have it pointed anyways?
    With regards to Issue #3 - ex. What is better for SEO purposes? What is better overall? Also the longer you have the domain to the forum the worst results you'll get in google for example, is this true?

    What we're trying to achieve:

    With this bodybuilding forum we are trying to achieve something which is to be unique and different than other "bodybuilding forums" out there. We don't want to be like all the other bodybuilding/fitness sites out their, for ex. Talk Fitness (the site I own), the colors, the categories, the way things are generally laid out, etc... their basically all the same like other "Fitness" sites. We want to put a message out their that Bodybuilding (even though many people hate it for example) is something that is so great and simply any bodybuilder for ex. who has achieved goals, succeeded, surpassed, and having their life changed from bodybuilding. As well we want to send the message out that taking up bodybuilding can help anyone/everyone in their general life when it comes to practically anything, learning goal setting, etc... from bodybuilding, nutrition from bodybuilding, etc... with all benefit one's life... Their are so many other bodybuilding forums out their that we have seen which really aren't getting this message out (you could somewhat say)... So yeah that's just a little bit of our mentality... LOL we hope this makes any sense at all.



    Main Logo:


    T-Shirt Front:

    T-Shirt Back:

    We appreciate all and any input on this. We also thank those for taking the time to read this thread and give some input into it. As well if you guys have more suggestions or what not to help us out we truly appreciate this a lot too

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    1) It really depends on your direction. For me, the immediate thought of "Talk Fitness" is anything to do with your body's health (e.g., building muscle mass, bones, cardio, diet, lifestyle, etc.). "Vast Bodybuilding" has a more specific tone towards body building...I mainly think weights. It appears that you're leaning towards the latter.

    2) Being creative is ok but being too creative isn't. I'd choose words/phrases that people can identify easily with. There's seems to be an emphasis on "Vast". Keep in mind that just because it's different doesn't make it better. Whatever name/signature you decide on I'd poll your audience to see if it appeals and makes sense to them.

    3) If your site is forum-based then you can go either. If your forum is just an extension of your site then I'd put the forum in its own directory (/forum).

    *Possible slogans: "Why deny your body?", "Upgrading your body never felt so good". Err...


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      I know you've already reserved a domain name, but maybe you want to consider that the term "vast" is not generally associated with "bodybuilding."

      Although perhaps "technically" correct, something in the nature of "Enhanced" or "Muscle Mass" might be more appropriate preceeding "Bodybuilding. I did a quick search and didn't find any quick listing for "Enhanced Bodybuilding" and didn't see any listings on the first couple of google pages.

      This is, of course, a personal choice.

      I'm not sure if it's you with another username, but there was a similar post on which one can see, even if not registered, by clicking the cache button, and another poster made a similar comment about use of the word "vast" with bodybuilding.



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        1 - yes
        2 - no (I like the branding but not the name, sorry!)
        3 - it doesn't matter 'too' much as you can always change it afterwards, if it's going to be just a forum tho, I'd put it in the root.
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          Lots of competition in this area; people will ask themselves why start somewhere new when many are happy with the sites they already frequent. Other than a message, what it is that you have to offer that would compel someone to start fresh on your site?


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            Okay thanks guys for all your input now I have come up with following names/domains that are registered and are mine, out of them all which ones do you think I should think about going with or simply out of the ones listed which one should I USE for the bodybuilding forum:

            Name (Domain)
            1. Vast Bodybuilding (
            2. Bodybuilding0 ( Logo for it - as well t-shirts with it -
            3. The Bodybuilding Site (
            4. Ubertreffen ( <-- German for "Surpass"
            5. Bodybuilding Forums ( <-- remember it's a .net
            6. Talk Fitness ( <-- Again not a .com instead a .org
            7. TFIT ( <-- Short form of Talk Fitness

            So out of these one's what do you guys think I should create a bodybuilding forum off of? I'm leaning towards , it's really unique...


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              As a bodybuilder I don't want to be associated with a "zero", lol.

              Even bodybuilding247 would make more sense; 0 is meaningless, nothing, failure....


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                Yes true, lol I was thinking of it as a different meaning than what you portray, but I can see that people would probably think of it the way you said it.... thanks for your input.

                hmm so what do you think of these:

                2. Vast Bodybuilding (
                3. The Bodybuilding Site (
                4. Ubertreffen ( <-- German for "Surpass"
                5. Bodybuilding Forums ( <-- remember it's a .net
                6. Talk Fitness ( <-- Again not a .com instead a .org
                7. TFIT ( <-- Short form of Talk Fitness


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