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    I was wanting some feedback on the website I finally have done! Please be as harsh as you like, that way I can keep on improving the website!

    url: Radar Detector Reviews

    Radar Detector for your Car

    A Radar Detector is a device that is installed in a car or other vehicle in such a way that it is out of sight of the speed law enforcers; it has the ability to detect the Radar used by traffic officials to determine the speed of an approaching vehicle on a chosen stretch of road. The reason for ‘hiding’ the device in your vehicle is that in certain countries the use or the mere possession of Radar Detectors are illegal and may result in a fine or the confiscation of your prized possession.

    Cheap Radar Detectors online is a quick and easy way of ordering these devices and installation is as easy as a few self taper screws and a power point. The cigarette lighter outlet is the ideal plug-in point and the device is supplied with the proper fitting.

    If you were caught by a traffic official and issued a ticket for speeding, you have the right to contest it in court. You will of course need to know more about the device been used and now you can rely on the Best Radar Detector Reviews. It was found that numerous malfunctions and interferences, such as police radio, the HVAC fan of the patrol car and even bogus readings can add to a varying speed of unbelievable proportions. It must be remembered that the Laser guns, used by the officials, are only effective and accurate over previously set distances.

    Not withstanding the popular argument that Radar Detectors are used by the public as an early warning system while driving, it was proof during the Best Radar Detector Reviews that people using a Radar Detector in his or her vehicle systematically become a safer and more cautious driver. At a recent Radar Detector Forum discussion of two detectors came under the spotlight - the Valentine One Radar and the Escort Passport Radar. These are the best in the field of radar detectors and will inform the driver of an up coming speed trap well within the range so as not to get caught. There is much controversy around the use of radar detectors, also known as laser jammers, like the Valentine One radar and the Escort Passport detector.

    Radar Detector

    While many people have seen the benefits of using them, there are many people including law enforcement officers who say that it undermines their ability to do their jobs effectively and that people who speed are now simply allowed to get away with it. It makes them feel as if they can do anything they like and having a tip off as to where the speed traps are can be dangerous. According to various laser jammer reviews, it is well known that people are using these devices more and more in their vehicles and that not much can be done about it. In some countries they are in fact legal, because the officials know that people will just use them anyway.

    The major controversy surrounding these radar detectors and laser jammers, is bound to continue to be a hot debate among the officers and official every country and with some legalizations already taking place it is clear that these devices might just be the way of the future in actually preventing major road accidents and reducing speeding.

    how about the keywords as well?

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    Why not just bump your other two or three threads?


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      Front page is slow loading.

      There is a "contact us" button hidden behind the navbar- you can only see it for a second then it disappears. (after further investigation I found that these show up on higher resolutions)

      vBadvanced: Site Navigation, REGISTER and FORUMS in all caps. Change to bolded if you want them to stand out.

      Second link in footer too long! radar and laser detector reviews - laser detector forum - blah blah blah... Shorten it. Did you do this to try and increase link relevancy?

      Much of the wording in the footer uses improper (overuse of capitalization) punctuation, seemingly for keyword density?

      Google Ad Under recent threads sized at two units. Increase to three or four units.

      Add some CRR's (custom rewrite rules) in vBSEO for Shop, Download.php, browselinks.php, FAQ and other links that are still php.

      Turn HTML code OFF, before you get hacked!

      You have some HTML errors throughout your forum- example:

      Line: 435
      Char: 1
      Error: Object Expected
      Code: 0
      Decrease the size of your forum title to something ..say...under 12 words so it doesn't flow all over the navbar. Why not Radar and Laser Detector Forum. .....and for God sakes, capitalize it!

      Having two banners, side by side at the top of your forums looks stupid!

      Personal opinion: Blue and yellow doesn't look that great to me.

      Brutal enough?


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