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Just wondering... the v in vBulletin?

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  • Just wondering... the v in vBulletin?

    I was laying in bed thinking about how I'm gonna finish skinning my vBulletin when the most amazing question came to me.

    What does the "v" in "vBulletin" stand for anyway? I've been using vB for quite some time now and it never came to me before tonight.

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    It doesn't mean anything. There's been a number of threads about it.
    Congratulations on the death of vBulletin, Internet Brands.


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      I was wondering if it had to do with Visual Basic?

      Or maybe because "V" comes after "U".. As in UBB?


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        It stands for nothing.

        Originally posted by Kier View Post
        I can confirm that.

        When I first joined vB, I wondered if perhaps the 'v' was there to somehow subliminally suggest an evolution of UBB (s, t, u, v for the alphabetically challenged) but John assured me that the 'v' is only there because it looks cool...
        You're spending millions of dollars on a website?!


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          The v is for wonderful.
          That's the end of that!


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            V is for Virtual, Virtual Board. hehehe
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              Originally posted by JakeS
              Visual basic has noting to do with php. vBulletin is coded with php and html, and uses my sql.

              Visual basic is most common on Microsoft windows applications.
              I know the difference between the two, and I stated Visual Basic because I read somewhere that the creators of vB originally ran a Visual Basic site.

              Anyways, thanks everyone for clearing that up..

              I'm more of an "x" guy myself.



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                Originally posted by Caddyman View Post
                V is for Virtual, Virtual Board. hehehe
                ^^^^^^^ is correct
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                  When I first saw vBulletin, I did think the v actually did stand for virtual. Now it's just a mysterious letter chosen that has no meaning. Or does it? *cue conspiracy music*
                  Congratulations on the death of vBulletin, Internet Brands.


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                    It just seems to fit.

                    I mean try it.

                    aBulletin, bBulletin, cBulletin.

                    vBulletin just fits.
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                      From vbulletin FAQ

                      Originally posted by vBulletin FAQ

                      A few interesting tidbits:
                      • The name Jelsoft comes from the initials of James E. Limm and software. Percival apparently didn't get mentioned.
                      • The developers refer to the server where development takes place as the "Ninja Development Server."
                      • The "v" in vBulletin does not actually stand for anything.


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                        Official answer : It does not stand for anything.


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