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    I've been thinking the last couple of days, and beeing how immature I am I've been wanting to know what you guys use your vBulletin Licenses for, and how successful, and active and fast grower member your forum is running. I've been running a RuneScape Forum for the last couple of months, and it's been very unsuccessful, as these forums, you need reputation and well managed things at the start.

    So what type of community do you run?

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    Focus on something you love and are involved so you can create the content and bring in new member as well. | | | |


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      I see, however I'm interested in so many things, and I also find it how to manage immature members that never read (poor reading skills, probably), that's why I say reading is most important in high school. However, back to the orginial topic, I'm just so unsure and undecided, I was relating my undecided forum to real life topicis, and I was thinking about hunting or something spiritual. But it seems a Christain Community would work well also.

      It seems the warez sites are really bringing in the traffic, however it's very disallowed, so I won't even think about that.


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        Like I said, pick something you love and know better then anything else and run with it...

        Christian Forums do very well also. | | | |