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    Hi, I just put up a new blog, and I'd like to see if you guys enjoy reading it, haha.

    It is about a crazy version of the vBulletin world, I thought up of last night. Normally I wouldn't post about a new blog, but I want to see what you think of the idea (using your imagination, as well), as if the way vBulletin was now never existed.

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    good for you


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      You know, no one is forcing you to post your nonsense comments. Thanks!


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        No one is forcing you to crete nonsense threads either


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          Originally posted by Chit Chat
          Drop in here to discuss whatever you want.
          I must have read wrong, sorry!


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            He's not crazy. When they first started the social networking thing, I was thinking the same way. I probably visit 6 or 7 forums on a regular basis that all use vBulletin, and with the social networking, it might get pretty confusing with 7 different profiles!

            Plus with all of the vBulletin llogin names and passwords I have, using one that worked for all of them would be good too.

            It's a good idea in theory, but in practice, I'm not too sure. You'd probably have to have one central server that kept track of all the users, their passwords, their postcounts etc. If you wanted to search, the central server would have to request all of the posts from that user from every board that member has posted on.

            Then there's the matter of security and individual boards not playing nice and trying to steal people's passwords...

            Maybe vB 5.0? There might be some simpler system someone could devise for sharing just user profiles across multiple sites...


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              I've thought the same too. The obvious way of doing it is via openID
              Dean Clatworthy - Web Developer/Designer


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                thanks for the information


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                  Drupal is going to have openID support.

                  Personally I am not keen on sharing my members, or rather giving them away to my competitiors..
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                    That's not how openID works Razasharp, but I didn't read all of the original posters blog post
                    Dean Clatworthy - Web Developer/Designer


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                      Think you're right, but just by mentioning openID you'd be advertising it, and potentially all the other possibly similar sites that use it.
                      What's Special About Ruby on Rails?


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                        You would also get users from it as well. Some people might be more willing to register on your site if they can use openid.
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