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  • 1 Week and Under vBulletin Forums - Post Here!


    It may just be me, but I'm always on the lookout for super new vBulletin forums. I really enjoy checkin' out what is going on with them (future plans, statistics, layout/modifications) and prefer to join newer forums than huge/developed forums (unless I need quick help).

    I'm also looking for some new forums to hang around at, but I don't want to join any forum like usual; I'd rather be a founding member.

    So - post your brand new forums (the newer, the better), maybe a description, and when you started it. I'll check it out, and if it is about something that interests me, you'll be sure to have me as a member.

    P.S. I know there are similar threads for huge forums and very small forums, but I specifically want to see brand new forums, regardless of size.

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    At the time a new customer with a new board found this thread it will be older than 1 week


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      True. No need for it to be exactly one week then, but relatively new. I'd just like to see (and I'm sure they'd want to show) forums that are as new as they get - those are the ones that interest me the most. (Not if I need help with something, or I'm looking for active discussions, of course.)
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        I've got a new license end of October, and set up a new forum September 1st. With obviously PR0, with last PR update from Google, it jumped from 0 to PR4. Default style, and only spend time on the staff (a few) and then the content. Then we spend time making sure we got google/yahoo/msn/etc to visit us within the first week. Which happened. Once that was done, we worked on more content, hired posters, installed fake stats mod I created, and installed vBSEO for pretty readable urls. And the third week we noticed our traffic doubled because we already got search engine traffic and vbseo helped with some pingback or linkback. We've submitted the sites to social networks using a paid service so we outsourced this. And we just kept working on the content. Made sure we had the forums that the users wanted, and build content for it. And hired a few more posters to help create search engine rich content. In the meantime we all had staff tasks, and we included a custom style, and invited more people to come take a look at the site. And this month we've spend time advertising it via various services, and marketing the brand a little by making sure our competitors knew we were around. We also used the timing of the new tv fall season to get some unique content so we could submit that to digg and other social sites to get a bit more traffic and the word out. (We're a tv site). And in December we will spend more time on keeping the 'now' regulars as real regulars. And hopefully work on making the new visitors regulars .. The next thing we're planning for 2007 is a chat event where people can get premium access, karma points or perhaps a position on staff. And in 2008 we're trying to find funding to have a small and a large competition to draw in more users. So.. hopefully we're slowly growing.

        Knowing what site you want to have, how to start it, who to contact, where to begin, and what to put on it .. really helps getting indexed quickly. Getting linked quickly, and getting noticed quickly. It took 4 days before Google indexed and crawled us, and 6 days for Yahoo/MSNsearch/, etc to follow. A semi-business plan for a forum (or rather a site... ) is required, otherwise it will just die after a few days, and then the waiting game begins with the hope people register.

        Building a site simply costs patience, good planning, resources, content (active and up to date) and money.

        Here are some stats about the site:


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          I do agree with you, but I'm not sure what you're trying to say. If you're still referring to the fact that most people won't be able to show their forum in under a week (even though I see lots of new forums that are open that are about a week old, give or take), this was only to post your brand new forums. The license may be a year old, but the forum could still be considered brand new if it was only publicly opened last week, you know what I mean?

 is mine. I registered the account ID 1 on November 13th, but the first real member joined on the 17th. Not much of a gap between when I created it/set everything up and when I opened it (reason behind that though), but it is still a good example of being about week old.


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            No, not saying people won't be able to do that, just giving my story on how I got a site up in a week and what it took me.


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              It seems that having a partner or two for the process helps out loads. In your case, with the steps you took, I can see how that was highly beneficial for the start of the forum. The sites in my network are ran by myself and a good friend. I'm definitely going to take your post and "do it" (for our coming forums) as your forum is quite impressive as far as the activity goes compared to its age.

              Building a site simply costs patience, good planning, resources, content (active and up to date) and money.
              We have this, we'll just need the motivation and dedication to put in all the work to properly get the right start on our upcoming forums. I think your plan is very well thought out and I'm actually excited to take a similar route and see the results.


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                Make sure you have a solid agreement with your partner, so you know what happens when you get a dispute. Do you keep the license? Does he keep the hosting? Do you get the database? ..


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                  Hehe... I honestly don't think anyone will have a better partner than I do. Yes, we know what we're doing together. Wait 'till you see our hosting provider...


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