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  • Feedback for site?

    I think this is where I would post it...I am just about all done with my website and already have 164 members or so in 2-3 weeks

    Can someone take a look at my site, let me know if there is anything else they see that I could do to it that might help out the website.

    Radar Detector Reviews
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    The header logo looks nice, but it is way too big. I would make it smaller.
    The tab navigation is nice, the blue highlight is a bit strong colored for my flavour, but looks nice.
    The overall design is nice looking, the grey text on the black background thead is hard to read for me.
    The footer is still very default, and mismatches the site now. Looks incomplete. I'd tweak that a bit.

    But I am just nitpicking. The site looks nice, and there's some nice content for the newcomers, and hopefully the site keeps growing.


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      thank you, I will look into all your feedback

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        The skin seems half Web 2.0 (I hate the term too but it's the best word) and half seems otherwise. The logo has a gloss look, the dropdown and navbar headers do too, but the category and table headers are bare. I'd at least give the category headers (the Yellow ones) a gloss look, maybe like the one the navbar has. Of course that's hugely just a personal preference though.

        I'll second Floris on the text in the table headers. It's hard to read. Try White perhaps, or a very light Grey.

        That being said, the Skin (style) does look really good.

        I'll also second the header size. It's not the size, per se, so much as the width. I'm using a 1280 width (most probably use that or 1024) and it has sideways scrollbars. You could alternatively leave it the same size and move the advertisement beneath it, but if you want the advertisement where it is now, shrink the header. It shouldn't insert sideways scrollbars at at least 1024 (and if you support 800 is your preference).


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          Ok i shrinked the logo...I have a huge computer screen and it looks good on my screen, I used a smaller screen earlier and it was all bunched up on it... need it Universal for I shrinked it.

          I agree with going with white for the text on the background, how do I change that?
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            No offense, but your site has one of the silliest themes i've ever seen.


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              Now it looks fine for me, but I'm guessing it will still scroll at a width of 1024, which is the largest percentage used (at least last I checked). I only shrunk my browser a bit, and it appeared it only scrolled over for the advertisement, and that all the "content" was still within the window, but I didn't test that or anything.

              For the text, in the main CSS, edit the Table Header portion. Change the color of the text and links. It looks like you made the links a bit brighter from last time, but it's still too dark, as is the text. I remember discussing this with someone else, and if you have a really bright LCD, it will seem fine to you, but otherwise, it will appear very dark. To me, it looks like very dark Grey on Black. I'd suggest a White-ish color.


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                Optimize the site for 1024x768 resolution, most notably for the header logo and graphix. Nice looking site, but it doesn't seem to match from the top to the bottom, and I have to second the "glossy" look disparity.

                I avoid custom styles for now, but that will change. I believe in continuity throughout, and if you can get there you'll be doing good. Aesthetics a crucial when you begin customizing.


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