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  • Requesting a program

    I don't know where to post this, so please forgive me. I am in charge of a Counter-Strike clan that pays money, or "dues" to pay for the servers and be in the clan. At the moment I'm trying to see if anyone is capable of writing a script or a program that would keep track of the members who actually paid. I'd like to see this:

    The user on the forums would click a donate button leading to a PayPal account. Unfortunately I'm not the owner of the account though. The owner doesn't have time to keep track of everything, do he needs me to keep people paying. He doesn't feel comfortable with giving out his account information though. Anyway..

    The user's username would show up on a list of people who paid their dues. It would include how much they paid as well, and at what date. What also would be interesting is a Total amount, as well as a dateline for when the next dues are needed. Every member is supposed to pay their dues every 5th of each month. If you're confused please message me.

    I don't expect anyone to be interested in helping. Seeing as I need the program only to be compatible with vBulletin. Thanks! Again, sorry if I posted in the wrong place. >.<

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    I've seen this done before, actually. Some sites have a generated list on their site that shows who's paid for the month (or donated, or what have you).

    You could try asking over at, which is where all of the mods for VB are, and someone might be willing to try it.

    Btw, I play CS and other HL mods, what's your server?