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    Thanks for the review. I have been trying just about every CMS I could find, and really haven't found anything I like yet. I'll give the trial a whirl.


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      Hang fire guys, I just stumbled across a completely free and simple to use CMS system called "sNews". That has me creaming my pants! I just gave it a quick install and use for a few minutes. And boy if you want a great CMS thats easy to use and is extremely SEO friendly. And could be used for vB CMS system, go get this and give it a try.

      This is what I've been looking for all this time and it Free.

      There are also loads of free templates which I've not tried yet!

      Go try it here:
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        Is vivvo any good what are the features as I cannot find them on the site?


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          Originally posted by MRGTB View Post
          The new version of Vivvo 4 is out now with vBulletin intergration. If your interested in checking it out go here:

          I been reading about the new features and it sounds pretty cool as a CMS for vB
          I just purchased it and I am having an hard time working out how to use it, When you make VB and vivvo intregate with each other does it also match both of the templates so they both match with the VB default template?


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            No, the vivvo template stays the same afaik. Comments are handled by vb and it uses the vb user database.
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              The only wish I would have for this CMS, is game id's, and image uploading. Or image uploading with watermarks. This would complete the package, and if this works with VB3.7.0 ....I'll leap towards a license. Because this is [almost] PERFECT for gaming websites.

              Dream: You sure? Cos I saw the demo, and it looked like it allows guest posting. I want it so that it REQUIRES you to register to post in the comments.


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                The standard comment system requires registration, the vb I don't know. It's an option to require registration the standard system has.
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                  I have been running the trial version. I like it very much, but have a few gripes. It seems to be quite the resource hog, but they say their latest patch corrects this. Of course, the trial version is pre-patch lol, so I really can't tell first hand. The other issue is their site went down due to a problem with their host, and it prevented all the users from logging into their admin area, since licenses get checked prior to logging in on one of their servers. Bad news if you ask me, but if they ironed out those bugs I would buy the software.


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                    The live version it quicker than the trial version, fyi. I would be content with it if it allowed you to make additional pages without them showing up in the page bar.


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                      Originally posted by Dream View Post
                      I'm this close [--] of buying a license right now. But I don't want comments to be handled by vbulletin, just wanna share users.

                      edit: their forums seem like a ghost town though, which is not very encouraging

                      edit2: bought the pro version. I'm a sucker for nice looking software
                      I can't get the forums to even come up now...


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                        Any news on whether the bugs mentioned earlier in the thread have been fixed yet? As I just posted above, their forums don't seem to be working..



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                          my advise is don't buy Vivvo,I sold my license on and I'm glad I did. That product should still be in alpha version if you ask me. Not gold verision, there are all sorts of issues with it!


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                            Any update on Vivvo?
                            It looks really good, but I am not sure if it is a safe bet.

                            Subdreamer looks small scale.

                            VBAdvanced is too limited and just a glorified forum add-on.

                            Not really impressed with what is available to integrate with VB, it is too bad EE doesn't have integration.


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                              I used to own Vivvo and sold the licence on later to a person here, I liked the way Vivvo worked as an article system, and still do. I thought it had great potential and scope to be used for writing articles that where SEO friendly.

                              But I personally found it way to buggy, I was reporting issue afer issue and getting nowhere, and finding certain features that didn't work proper, or not at all (especially regarding some image settings). Not sure how it fairs these days. But I suspect it's not much different than before, which is a real shame really.

                              because I still think it could be the best article software out there if they could get all issues sorted, and all feature settings working correctly. But they always seem to move on to another new version before that happens each time, bringing yet more problems with each new version. if they would just stick with Vivvo 4 for a couple of years and get it spot on. It would be the best out there.


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                                I can't seem to find a good alternative.

                                VBAdvanced is too simple, crowded, and simply an add-on to the forum not a CMS.

                                Subdreamer has me concerned about security, reliability, and stability with how small they are and limited set of plug-ins, although better than Vivvo in that front.

                                Vivvo looks awesome, in fact perfect, albeit expensive. But there are so many bad comments about it and it just has me very concerned about it.

                                sNewsCMS is too immature to try.

                                I would go without a CMS but I want to have file/article functionality and I want to share the VB database to control this, and I want these files/articles moderated. I also want popular posts/recent posts on the home page. I would consider going non-cms otherwise.

                                I am curious how complicated it would be to just interface with VB and ignore any CMS all together.

                                I would use ExpressionEngine in a heartbeat if there was a way to integrate the two. But there isn't and doesn't look like there will ever be.

                                I am pretty firm on using vBulletin, but I am starting to consider other options because this is becoming more and more difficult. But it seems like vBulletin is the best on the market.


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