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    Hi everyone, I am new to vBulletin.

    I have an fairly active SimpleMachines based forum and had been thinking about moving it to vBulletin. I decided the best way to find out if I wanted to make the move was to try vBulletin and get another forum up with it.

    I like what I see so far with vBulletin and I do think I want to make a change for my old forum sometime.

    Where I am stuck is where to take the forum that I built with vBulletin. Are there any sites that might be good to bounce forum catagory ideas around?

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    Here is my SMF forum.

    After I study vBulletin some more I might make the change.

    Here is the forum to test drive vBulletin. Even though the forum was to test out vBulletin I would still like it to be a success.

    The fact that it is a community based forum rather than a subject matter forum has me confused as to the best direction to take it.

    I want the forum to be for all types of people in this small town. The town is about 28,000 people semi isolated.

    I think the forum should get people talking about their hobbies and interests. Perhaps people will find the person down the road has a similar hobby.

    I am just at a loss on what catagories are good for a small town forum.


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      VBulletin is a great software package that is improving all the time, if you decide to move over all the best


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        I am no rocket scientist, but i bet you both joined at the same time..
        MCSE, MVP, CCIE
        Microsoft Beta Team


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          Joined what Joe?


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            Welcome to vBulletin!


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