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I'm thinking about banning every IP address from India from my message board

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    Originally posted by Vile View Post
    It's your board, so do as you like. Be aware however that it's extremely easy to fake this information that you have, and that the users are more than likely from other places, you just don't know, not to mention that banning by IP address is pretty ineffective as it's easy to get around.
    The people who I end up nailing for spam aren't spending a lot to conceal their efforts.

    They make it fairly easy for me to figure out they are a spammer.

    Either they register with a name like "BuyPhones" or they register with an email address/user name that I can just toss into a google search and quickly see what those email addys/user names have been up to, etc.

    Sometimes they register with a new name or an IP addy that I cannot make conclusions from, and those are the few that get through.


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      Originally posted by Asvin View Post
      My friend once had an issue just like this and he banned the IP Addresses from all across INDIA!! Now, rarely anyone signs up at his forum, so it would be wiser to block users using proxies.. I am pretty sure there is a modification for that over at
      Why would no one sign up to his site now because he blocked IP addys in India? I am unfamiliar with how to block using proxies, can you please go into more detail on this?

      Originally posted by Tez™ View Post
      i am indian dont block my country

      i live in the US now though lol
      I really don't want to, but I have so little time as it is, anything I can do to save time is invaluable to me right now. My site is small but growing fast, and I have about 750 registered users, but not one of them is a legit member from India, compared to the 100+ spammers I've had register from India. Even if I get 1 legit user from India sometime in the near future, is it worth having to ban/review/deal with 100 spammers from India for every 1 legit user from India that signs up? That is something I struggle with.

      I'm all ears if there's a better way to do this other than having to manually review each one. Because of the sensitivity of the nature of the website, I'm not going to allow anyone to sign up without review, that helps prevent things like forum raids, spammers, etc.

      I've already setup capcha images, and have a policy that prevents all new registered users from posting links until they've made 10 posts on the site. Other than that what else can I do?

      Originally posted by Jose Amaral Rego View Post
      I am surprize that I have not heard spam from western continent of Africa in message boards as of yet... I know they get you in email, but never did ever seen an ip from a certain country of Africa. Banning country internet protocols(ips) would be good for your forum, as the topic of your forum deals with what is happening in North America, the anywhere else. I do have a list of all countries ips and even by cities, but I will not share this for simular reasons already stated by Fusion.
      I have had a few sign up who were spammers, not many, like 3 to 5 of em? I'm not going to selectively ban countries, I would only consider banning the country that is the source of the majority of my spamming issues.

      Originally posted by jeffinj View Post
      I am an Indian as well. Banning the whole of India wouldn't be a wise decision. It's you own board and in the end thats your decision to make.
      Can you please give me a logical reason why it's not wise? I haven't heard what I consider to be a good reason yet. I don't consider the possiblity that maybe 1 or 2 legit members might sign up in the next couple years as a good reason.

      I really don't want to do it, and am trying to understand the reprocussions of doing so, ways to avoid it (alternatives), etc. So I appreciate good feedback from everyone.

      Originally posted by Rich_Z View Post
      I think the question was CAN it be done, not SHOULD it be done. And that question, as far as I can tell, was never answered.

      I have a site that is based on Florida interests only, and lately have been getting a rash of "@*.ru" based email addresses from spammers. So yes, if I CAN do it, I would like to ban all of those email addresses, as they are likely not legitimately interested in participating on my site.

      So the question remains: How do I do that? Will wildcards work? I'm using an older version of vBulletin (3.0.something)....

      Actually I believe a native geographical filtering component within vbulletin would be a valuable addition to those sites where it would be an obvious help.
      My understanding is you can use a wildcard after an IP for example, almost all of my spammers from India use, so if I put in my IP banlog 59.* , that would take care of all of users from that address.


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        A large number of black hat SEO "link builders" are in India and Pakistan.

        I had some serious problems with Indian "link builders" on my forum, but I also had legit Indian users, too. Maybe half of all Indian registrations were spammers. I thought about blocking the entire country, since a large number of Indian users that weren't spammers either never posted, or were one-post wonders of messages like "Kindly tell me everything about [some broad topic] in great detail" - questions that have such a large scope a concise answer is practically impossible.

        Searching through the user database, I found common IP blocks that were home to most Indian link builders. Those IP blocks had few or no legit Indian users. Unlike my approach towards Nigeria, where I nuke every IP from the country, I decided not to block all of India, but rather the most trouble-prone IP blocks, where the ratio of spammers to legit users was high.

        <limit GET HEAD POST PUT DELETE>
        order deny,allow
        # National Internet Backbone, Calcutta
        deny from
        # Airtel Broadband
        deny from
        # Mahanagar Telephone Nigam, Delhi
        deny from 59.176. 59.177. 59.178.
        # National Internet Backbone, Delhi
        deny from 61.2.
        # Primus India
        deny from 61.16. 61.246.
        # Access Business Group DSL - Chennai
        deny from
        # Hathaway Cable, Mumbai
        deny from
        # NexlinkL Pakistan
        deny from
        # Hathaway Cable, Delhi
        deny from
        # Asianet
        deny from
        # ITI Karachi Multinet: Pakistan
        deny from
        # CyberSoft Technologies, Lahore, Pakistan
        deny from
        # Wipro Technologies, Bangalore
        deny from
        # Spectranet, New Delhi
        deny from
        # Pacific Internet, Mumbai
        deny from
        # Videsh Sanchar Nigam
        deny from
        # Transworld Associates, Karachi Pakistan
        deny from

        It didn't stop the Indian link building spam, but it really slowed it down; from two to three posts a day to a couple every week, often through proxies. Pakistan, though, is now becoming the problem country, and on my site there's almost no legit Pakistani users; it's almost entirely link builders.

        It's so easy to identify Indian and Pakistani spammers from registration information. If you have a location field enabled, they'll usually enter just "US" if they don't use an Indian place name. They often don't use caps, and punctuation is often erratic. They often choose usernames with numbers, frequently "123" or "321". Search for the username + "vbulletin", and spam will often be the only result.
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          Regarding country blacklisting, I'll repeat what I wrote on

          I'll use a couple of real world analogies.

          Let's say when you watch the evening local newscast, you notice that a disproportionate number of criminals that are shown are ... oh, from Colorado. You see them all the time on Cops, too, singing John Denver tunes as they're hauled off in handcuffs. However, you work with many Coloradans and several are your good friends; you've never been mugged, robbed, or assaulted by anyone in that group. When you see Coloradans in your neighborhood, do you get fearful and try to avoid them? A few may be suspicious, but since your real life experiences with them are mostly positive or neutral, you don't even get your guard up; it's a non-event. Most Coloradans you know personally are good people.

          Now, let's say there's another group I'll call ... let's say Michiganders. No Michiganders live in your neighborhood; they all live together in a rough neighborhood on the other side of a wide lake. However, EVERY time a Michigander visits your neighborhood -- I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME -- they mug or rob someone, or scam little old ladies out of their savings. Some well-intentioned folks will claim that 95% of all Michiganders are good, law-abiding people, and that it's bigoted to be wary of them based on some troublemakers. Still, you wonder why the law-abiding Michiganders NEVER leave their neighborhood. The only ones that visit your neck of the woods are those who cause trouble.

          It might be wrong to discriminate against Coloradans, but are you justified in keeping Michiganders out, based on their behavior in the past? Are you willing to get robbed, mugged, assaulted and raped over and over and over again, just to prove that you aren't xenophobic or bigoted, in the hopes that someday you'll meet one of those good people from Michigan who normally NEVER leave their neighborhood?

          IMHO, don't let others' accusations of xenophpbia or racism stop you from doing what you think is right for the well-being of your site.
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            Well. For a start. India has a huge population. Computers are spreading everywhere in India, so soon you'll see a lot of active Indian internet users. If you are a business, you might not want to lose this market.

            Can't think of any other good reason!


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              also there are people in India who come in from various countries, you don't want them to use proxies
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                cyburbia, that analogy doesn't really apply to mass populations. Since when has the majority of a large population regularly commited rape/murder/racist crimes? If we were talking about 90% of the population then sure, but I think you'll find that 99% of the population of India aren't spammers, so in this case it's completely unjustified to ban them. Minorities should not ruin things for the majority...
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                  Originally posted by Dean C View Post
                  cyburbia, that analogy doesn't really apply to mass populations. Since when has the majority of a large population regularly commited rape/murder/racist crimes? If we were talking about 90% of the population then sure, but I think you'll find that 99% of the population of India aren't spammers, so in this case it's completely unjustified to ban them. Minorities should not ruin things for the majority...
                  No offense intended to the OP, but it seems as if he already had his mind made up, which is why I honestly don't see the point of this thread. Wanting to get feedback and ideas is one thing, but it appears as if all the feedback being given is ignored anyway since the mind is already made up, which goes back to my original thought of this entire thread being pointless.
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