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  • Airplane noise?

    Does anyone else have to put up with airplane noise on a daily basis? I do. There are these really irritating little gliders and massive thunderous army jets going over my house all the time. Even at night sometimes, and it just really winds me up. Just seems to be over the last 3 years or so.

    So frustrating when you want to read, write, work, watch a film etc...

    Anyone else get it? And how badly?

    Tell me I'm not alone.
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    If you don't like it, move I used to live on the flightpath of birmingham airport for a year (last year), and we used to get all kinds of aircraft going over at variable heights. I got used to it though. The only ones that pissed me off were those massive troop carrier planes that the army used to land there (or at the nearby local airbase). They could wake you up out of a coma!
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      Edwards AFB is about 10 miles from my house. They do flight testing there and it is an emergency landing facility for the space shuttle. Air Force Plant 42 is about 5 miles from my house and they develop new engines, prototype new planes and other general development work there.

      Most new construction uses what is called "Soundboard" instead of standard drywall in the flight corridors. It is about the density of 9 pieces of drywall in the same thickness and it kills all sound. Helps to have double or triple paned windows as well. If I close my windows then I don't hear much of what happens outside. Though the daily sonic booms still get through. However that is more of the noise of entire houses shaking rather than the boom itself. At least I don't have to listen to the neighborhood car alarms when they go off because of a boom.

      Other than that, pretty much used to it outside. Grew up with the flight paths around the area and my grandfather was an engineer for Northrop as well as the Air Force.
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        I don't live near an airport (the nearest one for me would be LAX, about 20-30 miles to the south), but I did have to spend a few nights at a hotel built into the Logan Intl. Airport in Boston, and yeah, it was pretty annoying, as I heard planes taking off and landing all night long. But you do get used to it, for me, it just took a few days.


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          I live right next to LAX (Los Angeles International) airport here in southern California. Surprisingly I don't hear the planes that much, if at all and my windows are usually open. The runways are < 1 mile away. Maybe cause I'm not in the direct flight path (east-west), that keeps the noise down a bit.

          Always interesting to go to the local overlook (highspot) in town near the runways and watch the planes land/take off I'm more of a train aficionado (nut), but am still amazed those large beasts get in the air even though I know the basics of aerodynamics.



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