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  • PHP vs HTML

    i am really confused now, on which one to use for my site, currently i use html, but after i noticed what you can do with php, i wanted to convert my html to php, but i thought about maintaining the php files, as i am used to frontpage and other editors to do my html, so i am confused on how to maintain php files especially if i am going to update everyday, and is it ok or stupid thing to use frames with php files? is there a good editor for php files (a part from text editors)? any tips and tricks?

    opinions, advices and comments are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    HTML is for makeup
    PHP is for other things

    The purpose of PHP is to dynamically change your webpage, you can put PHP inside HTML, just rename the file to .php or another extension that is recordnized by your server as PHP and you can implent small chunks of PHP in your HMTL files

    <font size="2"><b>Your IP is <?=$REMOTE_ADDR?></b></font>
    This is a very small example
    It just shows the IP of the user in an HTML page


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      very nice

      so if i open a php file in front page as an html, and as usual edit the html with the php code in place, and save the file as php...will this affect the php code?

      in other words, can i treat the php file as an html one?



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        If you don't alter the PHP code wich is in the "<?" & "?>" there's no problems..


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          If you use FrontPage2k to do daily updates

          I am going to run this in a slightly differnt slant for a second becuase I think it's good for Ruth to know.

          When I ran a UBB board, I had to set up a vitural directory for my forums as FP2k kept deleting all my post. I put the forums in sub-webs, etc., but it still managed to detlete the post periodically.

          With the post stored in a mySQL database now, is this still necessary?


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