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Which Virus Checker?

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  • Which Virus Checker?

    Which one is the best?
    AVG (Free)
    Other (State below)

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    I use Norton AV and have been pretty pleased with it -- it seems to what it is supposed to.
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      I use Norton AV 2001 (actually SystemWorks 2001). I use to use McAfee - but they started slacking and I soon switched.

      I haven't had any problems with Norton since.


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        Norton Antivirus 2001
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          I did a check with Kaspersky Anti-Virus this morning, and found that all of our Win9x systems were riddled with the WIN95.CIH virus... ick.


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            Tests have proven that Norton is the best and it has been most reliable in my experiences. I use it for everything now, and installed it on family members' computers, too.
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              Ive forgotten what a virus is We use virus checking on our SMPT gateway, Firewall, file server, mailservers and locally. Plus we use notes so no nasty Microsoft specific viruses even work on our systems


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                I use my eyes. I used to keep updated virus software on my computer, but I wasn't as careful with it and got two viruses...well one worm and one trojan. So now I just am very careful with those attachments and I haven't been infected since (over a year)



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                  Originally posted by rockergrrl
                  I use Norton AV 2001 (actually SystemWorks 2001). I use to use McAfee - but they started slacking and I soon switched.

                  I haven't had any problems with Norton since.
                  same here use NAV 2001 with Systemworks 2001

                  but this posted by one of my forum members has me worried

                  Anti-Virus Software Defenseless Against SirCam
                  Symantec has admitted that its Norton Anti-Virus software was unable to effectively combat the SirCam virus, even after releasing an upgrade specifically to deal with the virus.
                  "The uniqueness of Sircam is something we haven't seen before-it supplies its own SMTP server," Symantec explained. "It doesn't use the existing SMTP infrastructure, so it eluded some of our detections." Corporate and consumer versions were affected.
                  Symantec says that its customers did have some protection, in the form of Norton's "Auto-protect" feature, which would warn the attachment was infected when readers tried to open it. However, many are angry that the failure wasn't better publicized.
                  can't find the source of this though
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                    Whatever you decide DON'T use PC-Cillin. That thing is a piece of crap. I had pc-cillin 98 and used it up till 2000. The thing was still letting me update virus pattern files every few days. But the strange thing was, it just couldn't detect ANY version of Back Orifice, a very popular trojan horse. Now if it can't even detect that WHAT the hell is it good for?

                    And then just last month I bought a new motherboard and PC-Cillin 2000 was included. So I tried it again. It seemed to work ok until I trie using the net. Every time I was online pictures wouldn't load. All I get were 'X's, at least 70% of the time. I un-installed PC-Cillin and since then have NEVER gotten those broken images again.

                    One last thing that bugged me about PC-Cillin. Everytime you tried to scan for viruses they FORCE you to look at their DAMN logo for 5 seconds. And that logo is HUGE, and you can't place another application over it either. It's at the top of your screen for those annoying 5 seconds, every single time.
                    Well, there it is.
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                      I don't get many attachments... But if someone sends me something, I'm usually weery of opening it. I had someone on ICQ send me a program and it ended up being the Happy99 virus... I quickly got rid of it manually (I was using McAfee then).

                      I haven't had a virus since...


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