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Just lost my job :(

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  • Just lost my job :(

    Due to the crapp weather lately in yorkshire almost all public transport was crippled, which resulted in me being late for work several times.

    Apparantly my employers don't care about that, they just told me to set off earlier.

    yes, because floods suddenly dissapear earlier in the mornings, then re-appear when i normall set off.

    There's nothing more demeaning that being walked off premises watched by all your co-workers.

    Anyone got any jobs?

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    How many is several?


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      6 time officially.

      1 of those i slept in, which i fully hold my hand up to.

      4 of those were due to public transport being ****e.

      1 of those my team leader never told me what shift we were on the next week, so i came in on the wrong time (even my rota was wrong, so i shouldn't be blamed for that.)


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        As a department manager, I wouldnt have fired you nor had you escorted out of the building. I have fired a lot people in my last two years but never had them walked out. Im sure they know how the transportation is right? I would put in an official complaint with someone higher in your company and explain the situation. Just dont admit to sleeping in that day!


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          I can understand why i was walked out, as it's an insurance company and i suppose if i was spitefull i could grab some sensetive information or something. it's just very embarrasing.

          Yeah, they knew that transportation was crap with the floods and everything (seriously, one day all but 2 trains were cancelled, and it's a REALLY busy station). I dunno, guess they expected me to be magic.

          Not sure what i'm going to do yet, i'll see how it goes, and see what they wrote in the minutes when i get a copy.

          I was actually going to start taking driving lessons soon so i wouldn't have to take publictransport. guess i can't afford to now.


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            Have 'The Annoying Devil' showup at your forumer work place or better yet, dressup as 'The Annoying Devil' and protest outside of worksite.


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              Haha, that would be fantastic. but i'll await my final paycheque before i start to piss them off


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                Sorry to hear that bud.

                I know the floods have been really bad lately, hope you find one soon. I´m from Yorkshire too!


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                  If it makes you feel any better, being escorted off the premises is standard
                  procedure at many companies. In fact when I was laid off years ago from a
                  great job, my supervisor had to escort me to the door and she was crying!
                  So don't take that personally- it's probably just a rule in the company handbook.


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                    Yeah, i know, it's understandable why. doesn't stop it being demeaning.


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                      May be a good idea to appeal the dismissal and if that's no good, take a look at this:


                      How long did you work there for? Have you had previous recorded disciplinary meetings? Are you in a Union?
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                        Sorry to hear...
                        MCSE, MVP, CCIE
                        Microsoft Beta Team


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                          I may be wrong but I thought you had to have written warnings etc before they could fire you?


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                            Originally posted by Bober42 View Post
                            I may be wrong but I thought you had to have written warnings etc before they could fire you?
                            I thought this too.


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                              There was some written stuff, but only detailing i was late and why i was late, no warnings or anything.

                              But i was still in probationary period, so i guess they could fire me for whatever they want, whenever they want =/


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