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Why are phrases needed ?

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  • Why are phrases needed ?

    I just dont undertstand the full concept of phrases, i mean why are they needed ?

    Why cant we just use plain text where its needed ?

    Many a times, i have removed the phrases and used my own text in their place. will that cause a problem ?

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    If you decide to add another language in the future then it will because the text you added won't be translated. Some people have multiple languages in their forums due to various needs. Phrases are there to support that.
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      It's better to use phrases instead of removing them, especially for things like upgrades where it's easier to look at the differences between templates without the extra text there, which I'm guessing would also flag the template comparison tool that there's a template change where there really isn't one technically; you had only removed a phrase and added in your own text.
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        I quite liked it when vBulletin 2 didn't use phases, It was easier I thought to edit things by searching the templates you knew the phases (ie: text titles) were used in.


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          Phrases can save you the time of having to edit the same block of text in multiple templates.

          For example on my site I run a points hack... lets say the points phrase is in my postbit template, my blog template, my gallery template, and my project tools template. If I change the word "points" to "gil" then I have 4 templates to edit instead of just one phrase.

          Plus its easier to search and edit text in the phrases manager.

          To be honest, I thought phrases were kind of meh when I first heard about them but once you get used to it, you begin wishing every php software used it.
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            We have international customers and they all demand languages for their country. Or even multiple ones.

            You can replace the phrases with just English in your styles if you want. But if you wish to change the language or use alternative languages the phrase system is simply the way to go.

            I don't have many forums where I offer alternative languages so I have no problem doing a quick <div class="news">here is some important news!</div> instead of writing a plugin which evals a custom template that holds a $vbphrase[news_msg]


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