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  • Best way to generate new members?

    Our website is a few years old. We have a good amount of members but only a handful of constant posters. Can anybody tell me the best (yes, I'm cheap) free ways to generate more new members? I've added everything I can think of to our keyword search (arcade, discussion - mention show and movie titles, chat feature, private messaging, etc.) But we don't seem to pick up new members. I've also started with a link referral site...we get a lot of hits from it but no new members. Any advice/tips?
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    Word of mouth, good content, advertising, giving back to the community and perhaps some articles and competitions. These are the things that generate traffic and return traffic.


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      Originally posted by Floris View Post
      Word of mouth, good content, advertising, giving back to the community and perhaps some articles and competitions. These are the things that generate traffic and return traffic.
      I agree with floris. Just make sure your forum is ready before you advertise. I have made that mistake before and its not good to always have a lot of guests with almost no members! =)


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        Floris said it best. I believe good, unique content is first and foremost. If you have that, your site will be passed around by word of mouth, which is by far the best advertising method out there. Next is the active community base that will keep your community active by regularly posting fresh, updated, quality content. After that, it's giving back to the members by hosting contests and/or giveaways.
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          I fully agree with everything said about content comes first - in fact content is everything, although I don't necessarily agree it has to be original, but original content is best by far. But it's very hard to write thread after thread of interesting "long" original content, you just run out of things to write about and start posting short messages as original content (pure dribble), and that's pointless. You might as well go copy some long articles to your site instead that relate to your sites topics. Much faster to do anyhow, and loads do it! And you can always mix in some of your own original content when you have something to write about.

          Keep in mind, you need to add a very lot of content to kick-start your site also, it's no use adding about 40-50 threads then sitting back waiting for the members to roll in, it just won't happen and you'll be sat there next year with nothing happening on your site thinking about selling up, if not well before that.

          You need to get really serious about it if you want your site to take off fast and don't want to be waiting 6 months or so, or maybe a lot longer. Aim to get about a 1000 threads going to start getting those hits rolling in as fast as you possibly can. It not easy and requires a lot of man hours invested in your site to start off with, you can ease off after that and just add a bit of stuff daily to keep getting more pages indexed slowely. 1000 threads done fast works wonders though and seems to be a good number to aim for before you slow down.

          Even then though, your going to get more members joining, posting once and then never seeing them again than you can image, unless your extremely lucky. You have to really work at it and it's not an easy thing to do!

          This is why most people get fed up and sell their sites, or just pack it in. It requires more work and man hours than most people realise they have to put in for the first few weeks or months.
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