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Jelsoft's future

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  • With more staff, more of our suggestions can be handled. And that is a good thing.


    • Originally posted by bboarddotcom View Post
      We shall see about the prices. I kind of hope the prices do go up a little just to keep the kids away. Just not the members yearly fee that ive been foaming at the mouth about.
      What you have to remember, when you say you'd like the see the price for the forum board sale go up, and annual subscription fee come down. Not everybody owns multiple add-ons. And that would only benefit people who do!

      People who just only own the forum board only would have nothing to gain from that, thats why it's always been more fair to keep the board priced sensibly. And people who choose to own multiple add-ons, pay more in annual fee's. which is only right really.


      • I love reading the various people saying
        "its true - you can deny it " - "The facts are "
        when in fact they are stating their opinion ...

        Its amazing how often you see poeple trying to prove TRUTH on these forums - its NOT possible - its all opinion and perspective. It may be TRUTH to you but that doest mean its the same to me

        Lets just wait and see what happens


        • Well you know what the X-Files say? The truth is out there somewhere!


          • Originally posted by Dean C View Post
            I hardly think 2advanced fit the bill for a rebrand. They are flash specialists.
            They should keep the site as simple as possible. I hate sites that make heavy use of flash.


            • Originally posted by Silver_2000 View Post
              Lets just wait and see what happens


              • Things have calmed down now anyway, I think just about everybody is just waiting calmly now to see if IB come forward to make an announcement in the next few days or weeks hopefully. You never know, this just might be what there waiting for, the storm to blow over first before they make there post.


                • IMO for the short term things should remain as usual. I honestly don't see any big changes except for maybe software, to happen.

                  Its been stated they share the same ideals about Vbulletin. Of course, on a purely corporate level its usually doubtful they would say otherwise if they actually wanted to buy the company. If they had said their ideals would be different, its almost doubtful it would have been sold. If they really wanted Jelsoft that bad, the BS meter would have been through the roof. Welcome to the corporate world.

                  Which brings us to the long term. Right now its like going down that dark road at night with no lights on. You don't know whats coming, or if there could be any big curves ahead that could make things get ugly.

                  Its the long term that will be interesting.

                  I hope I'm wrong, but history usually proves otherwise. That sooner or later IB will want more control over how things are done. Its a natural process. Its at that point we will see what direction things go. Could be great....or could be what starts making things interesting.

                  Right now its too early to tell. But no doubt, things will get interesting from this point forward. Especially if people in power want to start having more input into the software and how things are done.

                  *crosses fingers*

                  I wish VB well. Hopefully things get better from here on out. Hopefully.
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                  • It may simply be a case where they need an infusion of cash to invest into additional products.
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                    • Originally posted by ManagerJosh View Post
                      It may simply be a case where they need an infusion of cash to invest into additional products.
                      Wow, im ready to go to the bank and buy jelsoft from ib just so I can keep it the same for everyone and to be able to close this thread!


                      • I'm curious - was it just John's share that was sold to IP?
                        Plan, Do, Check, Act!


                        • Nobody knows


                          • Originally posted by Reeve of Shinra View Post
                            I'm curious - was it just John's share that was sold to IP?
                            No, Jelsoft was acquired by Internet Brands Inc. in totalis.


                            • Jelsoft acquisition - thoughts?

                              [NOTE: This post was merged. Some points may have already been discussed in this thread]

                              To be honest, I'm rather concerned. Whilst many of the comments from the Jelsoft team are reassuring, I'd say there is still a significant amount of uncertainty. Most of us will know that the main drive for a business is to maximize profits, even more so following an acquisition.

                              From previous encounters where acquisitions are concerned, one of the first things that companies do, is look at how they can increase profits. To do that, they often look at ways to introduce significant cost cutting measures. The end result can either be good, or bad. (Unfortunately, the latter is often the case following an acquisition.)

                              I've been searching around about this on other sites, I have found many articles of interest. Having said that, what I have found is mostly opinion and not necessarily factual.

                              Here are a few interesting articles which I found on another website:

                              Originally posted by Matt
                              A little research on Internet Brands shows that their current revenue is generated from selling user/visitor data and from online adverts. I think this is the biggest attractive for Internet Brands. They now have access to the trends and data for thousands on online communities which has a high value.
                              Originally posted by Cappuccino
                              I'm not surprised. When I saw that they were exhibiting at that Internet tradeshow a while ago I thought that they try to shop the company around. It did happen faster than I thought though - I would have given them until the end of the year.

                              Seriously, after working 15 years in the software industry it was predictable. After all their customers were complaining for years that they still didn't have any addons and Jelsoft probably realized that they would have a hard time ever catching up through organic growth in that respect and the market evolving into integrated, community-oriented solutions (ie. the market for standalone message boards will vanish over time imo) they decided to try selling the company. Probably hoping that it works out and they can take their software to the next level but more importantly make some $$ now while the company has still a leading position in their market segment.

                              To maximize the company value they applied a "classic" strategy:
                              1) Announce a few additional products to broaden the portfolio and with that raise the revenue potential on paper (higher revenue potential = higher company evaluation). Notice that they picked the two addons which they could release with minimal efforts and timeframe. They didn't announce the CMS everyone wanted but "project tools" and a blog. The project tools are just an enhancement of their internal bug tracker and the blog is probably one of the addons with the least development time. They went for the quick fix instead of what the customers wanted or would have made strategic sense.
                              2) They show up on a large tradeshow. Jelsoft, which I have never seen doing any real marketing, decides to spend thousands of £££ on a tradeshow of all possible marketing activities. For a company the size of Jelsoft an online advertising campaign would have been much more effective for lead generation than this tradeshow. I don't have the exhibition details of this show but just based on experience with many tradeshows I would guess it was at least £15-20k - and that is very conservative. Why doing it? If you want to get a high price for the company you need to look like a professional, big company even if you aren't. It's all a game.

                              As to the acquisition itself, you never know for sure but I think it's good for (Name of competitor). Internet Brands doesn't seem like a good fit - starting with a different culture (a software vendor and a online business are managed very differently). If I had to guess again, I would expect that in the beginning it will look "awesome"; they will probably hire several new people and announce a few more things, and everyone will be enthusiastic. But it won't last - I've never seen Jelsoft as visionary or having good product management skills, they were just lucky to be early in the right market and did a decent but conservative job of expanding the current product; they never took any risks or reinvested significantly to grow and take the company to the next level. They were happy with their status quo - never a good thing in the software industry. And just having more money won't change that. Internet Brands will start getting impatient and start meddling if they won't do it right from the bat. After a while Jelsoft will loose momentum...

                              This is just my opinion but if I had to bet on something, this would be it. Acquisitions don't work out very often (except for the former owners ) and Internet Brands just doesn't seem a good fit to me.
                              - RichM

                              Edit: I apologise for creating a duplicate thread. I did a quick search but somehow missed this thread! Sorry!
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                              • There's a huge thread already on the whole discussion right over here:
                                Congratulations on the death of vBulletin, Internet Brands.


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