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  • Do you make RIA's?

    Recently I've been getting into all the hype about RIA's again. They have google gears, adobe air and few other tools to help take your application offline and do other cool things with it.

    Anyone here currently working with these new technologies? Where do you see it going?

    Being just one man and working on a few ideas I am starting to lean towards flex and air. It just seems like alot less work to get a decent application going. Using their default styles, you can have a fancy interface in no time at all.

    When I was building with YUI there were an unlimited number of styles that I needed to set via CSS, not only that but trying to get things rolling took a while to figure out.

    Now that you can code things up in Flex and deploy the swf for free it seems like this is the way to go. Which approach do you see as having more longevity?

    I think flex will speed up development time, and air will allow you to add some cool functionality to it if you wish. What do you guys think about YUI, flex 2.0 and gears?

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    I would always be reluctant to build web applications with third party foundations like Java and Flash. While they are wide-spread they aren't ubiquitous and not everyone can utilize the latest versions. Granted you can do some things in these that aren't available with the HTML/CSS/Javascript methods but not sure it is worth the support hassles. Maybe if you control the deployment environment then you can lower that.

    Every computer with a browser supports HTML, CSS and Javascript. The varying degrees are getting smaller with each passing version. Tools like YUI allow you to capitalize on development tools that everyone has access to and that degrade fairly gracefully if they do not.
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      You are right Wayne. The reason I never really got into flash and java in the first place was people having to download or upgrade the latest plugin to use the software. Even I hate having to upgrade my plugin just to see a navigation bar.

      I guess its just another challenge when developing for the web. A million browsers with varying support for whatever you do.

      Im going to keep working with the YUI for now. It would nice if everyone would band together and make a really amazing set of tools. Get the mochokit, scriptalicious and Yahoo! people to build a killer set of development tools.


      Edit: I may have to hold off on the javascript / flash debate for a bit. Check out this video...

      Really interesting, again it comes down to development speed. They are even allowing their applications to be compiled just like PHP and ASP. Really cool! If it works then as intended then this will be the way to do RIAs.
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