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Gossamer links import into php/mysql links script?

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    Originally posted by JamesUS
    Yeah I recently became an editor of the Bulletin Boards category over there - I was pretty shocked at the power of their system as well. I've made a list of all the features I want to use and will be implementing some of them very shortly.
    i tried for 2 yrs to become an Editor for the Anime -> Evangelion category and got rejected while there were no Editors for that category!
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      how big is the category? if it has more than 10 or so links they won't accept you for a new category. Also, make sure you fill in the new titles and descriptions or again they will reject you outright.

      cos although it might not have an editor listed, all the editors in categories above edit it if you see what i mean.
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        dmoz is a weirdly secretive, cliquey organization. It' s sort of like belonging to the Masons or the Order of the Moose. I got in as the editor of a subcategory, but they rejected one of our other site administrators. I think a lot depends on the sample links you provide or maybe just the mood of whoever is reviewing your application.

        dmoz has an interesting way of handling links that are entered in more than category. Somehow they link them up in the editor's screen. A link that's also in another category has an "import" link next to it. If you click "import', the entry in your category is updated with whatever is in the other entry - both the URL and the description.

        This approach has the advantage of allowing different descriptions to be entered for a link, depending on the category. But, unless the connection among a link entered in different categories is maintained on a fixed key, I don't see how it would help in updating a URL that changes across the board. I haven't had a chance to check it out fully.

        It's something to consider, though, in designing a links manager that allows for entering a link in multiple categories. It's not unusual that people would want to enter a different description depending on the category. OTOH, they may also want to use the same description and only want to update it in one place. So, ideally, the URL and the description fields would reside in separate tables that could be linked as needed:

        UrlD URL
        0000001 www.whatever. com

        DescID Description
        0000001 First description for
        0000002 Second description for
        0000003 First description for
        0000004 Second description for

        Category 1-0000001-0000001
        Category 1-0000002-0000002
        Category 2-0000001-0000002
        Category 2-0000002-0000001
        Category 3-0000001-0000001
        Category 3-0000002-0000001

        Infinitely variable.

        I put the above between code codes, but it's still throwing in extra blank lines.
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          if was doing the database structure i would do

          ID | URL | DESCRIPTION | EMAIL blah blah blah
          Then when doing the sql query you do an IF bit that uses the override description for the description of the link if it is not null. That way you maintain a standard link across multiple categories but having the option of a different description in each category.

          one of the features i wanted for links sql... but never mind
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            Has anyone worked with integrating inlink 2.0's user table with vBulletin yet.


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              Well the in-link people are working on it.. so until I hear they aren't gona work on this I'd rather wait before playing around
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                So which works best with vbulletin???

                I was just looking over search scripts for my site [Gossamer Threads especially] and was wondering if anyone uses one that is database driven and has vbulletin installed alongside of it.

                The only PHP i found was mnoGoSearch, but the installation seemed daunting.

                Anyone have luck with these or others??

                Thanks for any replies.

                PS I currently have Atomz and all hml pages and need something else.
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                  I'm in the market for a links script.. and have the following requirements.

                  -- Integration with vB templates, permissions and user directories
                  -- Flexible number of fields (I don't just want a links directory.. I need a white / yellow pages).
                  -- The script should not have a requirement to enter a URL (requirement to be a good white / yellow pages)
                  -- Ability to hide certain fields for non-members (for example non-members should not see phone numbers etc on a white pages)

                  Am I asking for too much? IndexU does not cut it (I bought it and tried integrating.. but then figured I'd have to do a rewrite). Don't want to spend tons of money on in-links 2.0 and gossamer links is out of question as I have no desire to sit down and learn perl.

                  Any ideas what I should be looking out for?


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                    Integration with vB's templates is going to be hard to find. My script doesn't integrate with them but it provides a similar system.


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                      Actually any template system would be good as long as it works the same.

                      Any ideas when you'll be releasing your product?



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                        It is out but it is buggy (still in beta). The final version should be out within 1-2 weeks. While it doesn't have all the features you listed, I'll be happy to either help you add them in or get them into the next version, whatever you prefer.