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What's the best text editor actually?

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  • What's the best text editor actually?

    I'm thinking about dumping my 7 year old Homesite.

    What do you guys recommend for coding?

    Something that would close html tags for me, have actual languages highlighting, having the same color highlighting as Homesite is a plus.

    Can be paid software, up to 50 bucks, and not heavy on resources.
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    On Windows I used to like EditPlus the best. Notepad++ was good, too.

    On the Mac I love TextMate -- best text editor ever


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      I downloaded EditPlus, does it close html tags?

      edit: all this pink highlighting in editplus is gay
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        I agree, TextMate for the Mac!


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          Komodo Edit is worth a try,

          It's the baby version of the full IDE but does most of the features that you need, runs on Linux, OS X and Windows.
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            I use EditPlus2 & I'm quite happy with it. Syntax highlighting colors could be changed easily.

            I also use UltraEdit32, but for some reason I'm not so comfortable with it.
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              TextMate for Mac.
              That's the end of that!


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                Hehe, I'm still using Homesite as well and I have to say it's a shame that it was bought off the market by Macromedia. They were of course never interested to develop a source code editor like Homesite. They just needed some of its features for Dreamweaver I guess (and Dreamweaver is useless for my needs).

                Anyway I've tried some other more up2date editors like UltraEdit32 but something always made me come back using Homesite 5.5 for PHP coding.

                So let me know if you find an editor that you actually prefer compared to Homesite

                P.S. that Komodo Edit looks interesting, I'll check it out
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                  I guess Kier is still using Homesite too.
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                    Best is always subjective. I would say that try a large group of them and decide what works best for you.

                    I have Textpad 5.0 and Homesite 5.5 installed on my computer. For CSS, I usually use Topstyle Pro 3. I have my computer set up so that Textpad completely replaces Notepad so I don't have to worry about file associations and get the advanced features of a true text editor. Only issue I have with it is that it doesn't have FTP built-in but since I can call external programs from within it such as compilers, browsers, and FTP clients it isn't a big deal.
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                      I prefer win32pad, been using it since it came out , All my coding I do, such as creating websites etc are doing using this.


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                        I use and like HTML-Kit


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                          I've been using UltraEdit for many years and have been very satisfied with it. I'm a software programmer by profession (C++/C/PHP), so need a powerful editor, do small websites on the side (vb/html/php/etc) and UltraEdit works great for all of that.

                          I pretty much keep UltraEdit open on my desktop/laptop 24/7 !!


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                              Are there any text editors out there that show a webpage display of the coding as you do it. So you can see as you code how it will look online


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