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I have a problem.... LOL

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  • I have a problem.... LOL

    Spammers..... the scurge of the Internet.....

    I am co-administrating a forum with another person, well actually a third belongs to me....Any way...

    When a spammer signs on to the site, I will automatically delete this person, and will add his domain to the banned list. My partner wants to keep them. His reason is that they are a member.... even thought they only will post one time under one name, he wants that name to go toward the memberlist for any potentiual sponsors to see....

    He will also change their posts to look like the spammers were on subject to the theme of the forum. I think it is a waste of time and effort, to keep them and to do this. I think that members that post and are active in the forum will draw more members and sponsors than any spammer will.

    I might add that this forum is only 3 months old, and he wants a 2000 members by Thanksgiving.... and he doesn't care how we get them. He even has made up about 6 or 7 names that he will post with.

    I guess my question is, will non active members have any effect on getting potential sponsors to the site.......

    Or should I just move on ..... LOL

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    Your partner is like I am, I was nodding my head when reading your post - leave members alone, don't delete them, bigger the userbase will be better when it comes to selling and potential sponsors..

    You could always make a forum yourself so you will have your own rules and whatever you do with the forum will be up to yourself.

    Just my thoughts and good luck.


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      I rarely get spammers, but when i do i never delete them.
      I just put them in the banned usergroup..
      Microsoft Beta Team


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        I've only had 2 spammers together, posted a few bad things like ***** with aids etc banned them deleted posts, banned, nothing since. (They was human)


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          We are getting an average of 6 to 10 spammers a day signing on... so I guess that he will have his 1000 membersbefore thanksgiving....

          Again I see no reason they should have a free ride to sign on to my 1 third of the forum. I would rather delete them and block them from signing on.


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            Depends. I mean if you have a VERY large database, then you might want to get rid of useless members. But, if your pretty new or just average size, I'd go with everyone else on this and just keep it or move them into a special spamers usergroup.


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              Is a forum a place where people meet, or a place to get money out of it, what ever happens? I think, i really don't like the idea of your co-admin about the goal of a internet forum.

              At least, at my forums, there people meet. We have enough to talk about, that makes a big count of messages and that result in a good knowledge database.

              As this continues, the count of members is rising at it self by new members looking for searched answers.

              So, we don't need to keep spammers just for users count. We ban them en delete everything their wrote. No garbage on our site just for user count.

              And yes, we have sponsors...


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                How did you get on? did you take anything on board?


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                  I'm sorry, english is not my native language, i dont understand your question...
                  Can you say this with different words?


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                    Hoe ging u verder? Aan boord nam u om het even wat?

                    Courtesy of Babel Fish ;-)
                    Hoffelijkheid van de Vissen van Babel ;-)
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