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    That's not a half-bad idea...


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      Its a good idea, except for people like me, I do not own a license, I would if I had a site to put it on, but I don't have a personal site..

      I'm here only to help, and I would like to continue helping here, but only with paid customers, I'm worried about giving the support to unpaid users, and therefore haven't helped much lately unless I can see there boards and see if they look legit...

      I'd be more for the Senior Member idea, or post count idea...


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        Then maybe a seperate invisble member group. I don't know. Your makin this to hard on me Prohacker. :P


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          Originally posted by tubedogg
          Susan's case was different I believe (correct me if I'm wrong). Her partner has 2 licenses, and it's her and Susan, so each puts a set of info into their profile, no problem. It sounds like you have one license and three people. That is not addressed by the system and is something that needs to be looked into.

          The hard thing about this is finding a balance between preventing people from handing out their license info illegally to put in the profile and allowing licensees who have a valid reason to put the info in more than one profile, as in this case.
          Why not associate the license with a site? So any one of the 3 webmasters can ask for support, but they simply have to indicate for which site it is for.

          I dunno... maybe im wrong, im not thinking too hard cause im the only webmaster on my site :P


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            Then I could just come along and enter some site I know has vB installed. That tkes away the whole purpose of what they are doing.


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              This won't change much (for now at least) from the user's perspective I'm afraid.
              The best you can do is to carry on helping people out as you have in the past. If someone asks for help, a moderator will usually check them out before too long anyway, and if they don't have one we will post asking them to fill in their details. If you don't see a mod post in the thread, and it has been started for a while you can be fairly sure they have a license.


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                May be things have changed in the last few months, but from my experience the support has been pretty marginal at best.

                Perhaps this will genuinely improve support for those of us who own / lease multiple licenses.


                Lets see the quality of responses when I post my next technical question...


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                  I take offense at that. Have you looked in the support forums lately? Everyone on this team is working their butts off to help people with problems.


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                    the support has been pretty marginal at best.
                    Where else can you go, where you have almost 24/7 tech support, and a turn around on average of about 4 hours for a support question???

                    I've seen every mod work there butts off to help the people of this forum, and make it the best....


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                      Tubedogg, its not directed towards you or the moderators. The problem is there is a lack of a ticket system and everything is up to the whims of the moderator. Way too many things have/had been left to chance and how much / well the poster knew the various mods.

                      I've had a fair share of snippy remarks from certain moderators and personally have not really been happy about the level of support (look at my registration date and you'll see I'm one of the original few who bit into vB).

                      Anyways, I'm sure identifying paid users will help make the situation a little bit better.

                      Finally, its a testament to vB's quality (thanks to the beta test cycle) that I've not had to test the support levels.

                      We'll see

                      Over and out.


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               is both free and it uses a ticket system. The forums here are only one of the resources available for support.


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                          shri which questions of yours do you feel were ignored? I did a cursory glance at your posts and the snippet I looked at were all involving questions that would end in hacking the forum in some manner.


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                            The responses are superb . The amount of work it requires for tubedogg and the others is unbelievable.

                            I agree once in a while some of the moderators may get a bit testy, but I don't blame them at all, what they are doing is such a tough job, much tougher than you realize from the outside, and when they aren't appreciated or see people abusing the system, it's understandable if once in a blue moon it comes out a little bit...

                            3 cheers for the overall support here!!!


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