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Handling Personality Conflicts Between Forum Members

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  • Handling Personality Conflicts Between Forum Members

    I consider our forum to be extremely tight knit. As it's grown, however, there have definitely been a few personality clashes. I'm having trouble figuring out how to handle the current one. Here's the situation.

    Person A is very talkative and helpful to the new members. But she is regularly complaining that other members are attacking her. I re-read all of the chat transcripts and the messages and find that others are simply disagreeing with her. She's very melodramatic. This is a medical forum and everything she has is just so much worse than what everyone else has. No one else understands how bad it can get, etc.

    Person B left another forum because she couldn't stand Person A. She is not very diplomatic and was snapping quite regularly at Person A.

    Solution So Far
    I have banned Person B from speaking to Person A. If she wants to correct any of her misinformation (which only happens once a month) or needs to vent, she does so via the Report Post icon. I don't allow ANY venting about other members in our forum publicly. It all has to come to my inbox.

    Unfortunately, this does not stop people from picking sides. People are good about not showing it in public, but I can definitely see it in Chat private messaging transcripts.

    Where I'm Stuck
    I've gotten complaints from Person A about Person B's behavior in chat (surprise). I've re-read the logs and Person B is doing nothing wrong. I don't want to lose Person A because she *is* a valuable member of the community in spite of her flaws. Plus this is a medical support community and it would be drastic to remove anyone unless it was a serious offense.

    What would you say to Person A to help relieve the tension?

    For Fun
    What is one of the hardest personality conflicts you've had to manage?
    David Edelman
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    I have a very nice custom mod that I use in situations like that that allows me to silently (i.e. without alerting the members) 'mute' one member to another. member A will not be able to see posts/threads made/started by member B and vice versa. it works great


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      I Would, contact person A & B talk to them both together so they can discuss how they feel about each other, but don't let it get into a serious argument other wise you may loose both >_<, just get them to talk together friendly get them to understand each other and they MAY stop arguing.


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        I would read Flame Warriors and thank God our forums aren't that much of a nightmare.


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          Originally posted by feldon23 View Post
          I would read Flame Warriors and thank God our forums aren't that much of a nightmare.
          Indeed, That's why I like my forum as its nice and quite, never get any spam or arguments perfect. lol


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            I just tell them both to knock it off and grow up or they can both leave the forum. And if need be, I will ban them both. 9 our of 10 times they just either do just that, or learn to live with each other. Minus the once in a great while passing comment which usually gets overlooked.

            Honestly, I'm not nice to either of them. And it doesn't affect forum activity. In fact many times people are glad I stepped in and laid down the smack. And many times its just a misunderstanding. Whats even cooler is to see them leave, then come back and apologize for their actions and ask for a second chance. 99% of the time, they end up being amongst the better members of the forum.


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              I yell "Mortal Kombat" abd at the end I say "Finish Him!"

              I usually just tell them to suck it up and take the fued else where.


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