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Anyone have suggestions for Reputation verbiage?

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  • Anyone have suggestions for Reputation verbiage?

    Anyone here want to share their Reputation Level definitions? I'm looking for ideas of things to define as user reputation levels without resorting to ridiculous nonsense like "Bob is a glorious beacon of light" a la the canned verbiage.


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    Okay, I'll share. They might still seem ridiculous to you, but they're not as far out as the defaults.

    Note: These reps were created by me and another admin at my forums, and
    may not be copied as a whole or in large parts for use elsewhere. They are
    presented here for example purposes only.

    Rep Level   Description
    -5000       has been silenced forever
    -4000       days are numbered
    -3000       will soon be outta here
    -2000       user's reputation is beyond repair
    -1000       is hated in these parts!
    -900        is hostile!
    -800        should be avoided
    -700        is to be pitied but never mourned
    -600        seriously needs help
    -550        is a loser
    -500        is not worth dealing with
    -450        is not to be trusted
    -400        talks big and thinks really small
    -350        is on a downhill slide
    -300        is a real lamer
    -250        is annoying
    -200        is becoming unpopular
    -150        is not very friendly
    -100        is being rude
    -50         is not listening
    -25         could stand some improvement
    -10         has ruffled a few feathers
    0           is in the Neutral Zone
    10          is a member in good standing
    25          is getting off to a good start
    50          is giving good vibes
    100         is making a good impression
    150         is rockin
    200         is golden
    250         is on fire
    300         is a super star
    350         walks on water
    400         is loved by all
    450         is stepping up to the plate
    500         is becoming irreplaceable
    550         is Excellent
    600         is exceptional
    700         is unbelievibly magnificent
    800         has risen to the top
    900         is the cream of the crop
    1000        deserves a medal
    2000        is being considered for sainthood
    3000        is honored
    4000        is revered
    5000        is a (sitename)ian idol!
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      These are what I set for postcount ranks, all of my own hand, but there's no reason you can't use them for whatever.

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      Insignificant Newbie 1
      Cannon Fodder 25
      Vaguely Familiar 50
      Almost Interesting 100
      Convenient Patsy 150
      Approaching Useful 200
      Slave Girl 250
      Bent Wookie 300
      Hopeful Prole 350
      Human Shield 400
      Smells Funny 450
      Eunuch's Eunuch 500
      Chief Eunuch 550
      Tyger's ***** 600
      Tyger's Super***** 650
      Uranus 700
      Cousin Lovin' 750
      Soylent Member 800
      Easy Rider 850
      Body's Broken 900
      Pheasant Plucker 950
      Baldrick, Sir. 1000
      Walks Like A Woman And Talks Like A Man 1250
      I Like Big Butts And I Cannot Lie 1500
      Hi, I'm Actor Troy McClure 1750
      Nuts Milord 2000
      Strange But True 2250
      Not So Good, Al 2500
      Kitten Killer 3000
      Serial Kitten Killer 3250
      What Are We Going To Do Tonight, Brain? 3500
      Dirrty, Filthy, Nasty 4000
      The Queerest Of The Queer 4250
      Easy Like Sunday Morning 4500
      In The Navy 4750
      What The World Needs Now 5000
      Puts The Grr In Swinger, Baby 5500
      Floats Like A Butterfly 6000
      I never got around to finishing them.