My script works fine in IE, however, not in Firefox. I have googled and googled and came up with no solution that worked. In firefox I get:
[B]The Firefox Error:[/B]
Error: iframe1.document has no properties
Line: 17
Any clue how to fix this?

Here's the source:
<title>{HI} Halo Inquisition</title>
<body onLoad="writeMessage()">
<iframe id="iframe1" src="header.html" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="none"></iframe>
<script language="javascript">
var i=0;
var bank=">>> <b>Incoming Transmission</b> - <b>Priority:</b> Alpha<br>>>> <b>File:</b> {HI}<br>>>> <b>Clearance:</b> Xray \<i>[Human Eyes Only\]</i><br><br><h3>Welcome to the Halo Inquisition Website</h3><br>Here we try to be as open as possible to new ideas and people<br>We are a democratic clan, so every one is equal and is entitled to have a say in what happens in the clan<br>We are founded on a sytem of councils<br>Keep in mind, you don't always start at the bottom<br>The more active you are in the clan, the more likely you are to get promoted<br>We always welcome new members, so feel free to join at any time<br>You are always free to speak your mind on our forums<Br>I hope you find a place in one of the few enlightened clans in Halo<br><br>>>> <b>End Transmission</b>";
var banks=bank.split('');
var blength=banks.length;

function writeMessage()
if(i < blength)