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Guests, how do you handle them?

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  • Guests, how do you handle them?

    Im thinking about letting guests now post on my forum, before i required registration. I still want people to register, so i want to limit what a guest poster can do / see.

    Do you let guests post on your forums, if so, has it helped, or hurt your forums?

    Im worried about people spamming my site. i also want people to register, so i can keep them updated (via community update) on the forums. I also want to limit the options the guests have (lotsa good options in the admin cp)...

    So, how do you handle guests?

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    Well, I let guests access most of the forums, but I won't let them post (although they can vote in polls I believe). And yeah, it's because of spamming and such. I'm especially afraid of that since we run a forum focused on a "get paid to surf" company.
    Since things are going quite bad, people tend to react quite strongly, as I've noticed on other forums.
    Now people are required to register, which is enough to stop most idiots. But even then

    I have some private forums and only certain groups of registered members can view and access those.

    The lastest "trick": we're running a forum where people can suggest changes and improvements and such. Sometimes people come up with really great ideas. I know, I've made a few myself on other forums. Now some of those ideas have been adopted by the competition
    To avoid that I could make those forums private, but that would make them invisible as well. What people don't see, don't appeal to them, and since I do want guests to register...
    So, what I have done is set the permission for "Unregistered/Not Logged In" to "Can view forum" only. All other permissions have been set to No. That means that guests can see the forums, they can see posts are being made, but when they access those forums all they'll see is "There hasn't been a post here in the last 1000 days".
    Hopefully such tricks will tickle some lurkers to register...


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      i dont
      i hate them
      they should be called lamers
      i hate to see something like
      there are currently 10 members and 50 guest aka lamers browsing the boards
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        Nuno: With that attitude it's a wonder anyone registers on your board. Are they just supposed to arrive and register without even knowing what they are registering for???

        Joe: I don't let guests post.


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          they kill my bandwith thats why i use a force login board
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            Guests are just like regular visitors, and sometimes they are regular visitors.


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              I actually allow them to bandwidth is quite low right now so I have plenty to spare....If it started to pick up, I would require registration, but that isnt a big deal right now


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                I let guests post in a couple of forums but not all.

                Most of my guests come in to ask one specific question and get that answered. If they decide to stay and participate in the forums in general, they are forced to register.

                I occasionally get SPAM in my two open forums, but not often.

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                  My guests:

                  - can't post
                  - can't vote on polls
                  - can't search
                  - can't view members info
                  - can read all non-private forums
                  - can use 'email this page to someone'

                  I want to leave some reason for them to register.
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                    I give guests permission to:
                    - View Most forums and topics
                    - Search
                    - Email to a Friend.

                    They can view the calendar but can't email members nor view member lists.
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                      Originally posted by nuno
                      they kill my bandwith thats why i use a force login board
                      We were all guests at one point. We have to browse around to see if we might want to register. As tubedogg said, it's unlikely people will register without knowing what the site is about and what kind of things are going on. I don't think that's a constructive way to think about it.
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                        I currently run at 50 gig a week and its proving rather costly on the old pocket.

                        As a result im looking at ways to reduce bandwith one of those is to turn signatures etc off to guests, anyone know how to do this?



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                          A great new feature is to have popups for guests but not for members. That'll convince them to register, AND pay for extra bandwidth from the "lamers" (quote from nuno).
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                            So how do we do this?


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                              i let them view, would never let them post..
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