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    ColdSteel, It sure is .. is what I call using SSI on my index page.

    Jim, what do you mean by "Top Rated Site on yahoo"? Also, a suggestion.. I tried using to do the log analysis (primarily because I cant justify buying webtrends and found that they give me a very accurate pageview count.


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      Originally posted by shri
      Jim, what do you mean by "Top Rated Site on yahoo"?
      In my category listing, there is a little pair of sunglasses next to the link to my site, which I've understood to designate that the site is "recommended", or "highly rated", etc. I don't really understand *why* it would be though.

      I've inquired with NorthSky, and they want me to transfer my domain name to their nameservers. Will they then be the host of my site? I'd still be able to use my current host, right?


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      "The dot-com bust has cleared out the carpetbaggers and left the Internet to those who really care about it"
      - Jon Ippolito, new-media curator, Guggenheim Museum


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        Jim - One of the things that we did when we started was to find a few top sites that didn't have forums. We got a link from at least one very good one that helped quite a bit.

        More importantly though, I also had hundreds, if not a thousand, sites bookmarked that were about Corvettes (we're a Corvette community site). I had bookmarked these over time for my own personal interest before even starting the boards.

        When we started the forum I went out to each and every one of those sites again and then sent them an Email. I explained our new site and asked them to stop by. It wasn't spam as I actually went to each site and sent a custom Email.

        I asked them to add a link if they liked Corvetteforum and I volunteered to put a link back to them. I tried to send all of these Emails in a very short time frame. That way we could get that "critical mass" going.

        It seemed to work.

        I don't know if you can find many sites that are homebuilt that show an interest in your topic or not. There sure were a lot of home pages that could be found related to Corvettes. If you can, you might try bookmarking them all and then sending Emails over a few days to see what it does for your traffic. A busy board attracts more people than a slow one.

        We've grown to about 12,000 members in 1 1/2 years. We get over 4 million page views in the forums alone (and it's increasing rapidly). I still consider us a hobby site compared to some of the large sites around here though.

        It seems that the % growth stays almost the same. Since you work off of a bigger base as time goes on you find the growth picking up more on a numbers basis each month.

        We've also been active offline as well. We hold meets in the "real" world. For example, we had our First Annual Corvetteforum Cruise-in at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky last Memorial Day. It was an event in support of the Museum. We weren't looking to make any money from it. We had around 300 people attend. It was a cool site seeing a few hundred Corvettes lined up! It was even cooler meeting all of the freinds that I'd made online in person.

        That event has helped us quite a bit though. We have a two page spread in the October issue of Corvette Fever. They list our web address.

        I don't know if all of my rambling here will give you any new ideas or not. I hope so.

        I just can't wait to get off of the UBB and onto VBulletin!!


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          Originally posted by JimF
          [BI've inquired with NorthSky, and they want me to transfer my domain name to their nameservers. Will they then be the host of my site? I'd still be able to use my current host, right?

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          hi JimF ... with the northsky dns change you make with your domain, they won't be hosting your main site... what happens is when you change the name servers on your site's domain, they will point the main domain to your current host's IP address if that's what you want to do - maintain your current site and address but offer to members...

          you can then log into your admin area and reserve for your own use... then you can either create site on those subdomains... on northsky servers i.e. or etc...

          or you can redirect those reserved subdomains to a ip address on a paid host or your own dedicated server and run your own site free of northsky banners..

          a good example of this is the site at which i think northsky would of gave you as an example...

          i myself run 2 separate domains ( on northsky and don't use my main site ( for it - soon i will add to it as well
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            Thanks for the tips. Unfortunatly, most of the sites in my genre suck hard - that was one of the reasons I started my site. And with the advent of EZboard, and affilliate programs at larger baseball messageboards, people were less likely to affiliate with me. I got a decent amount of people right off the bat - and growing more everyday.

            I've also been learning the hard way what people do and don't want - content wise. I made some bad decisions early on, but I'm slowly beginning to figure out what people like. I've also discovered some discrepancies with my stats reporting that made it appear as if my site didn't get any traffic, but now I know that's not the case. At any rate, I appreciate your input - and that you for sharing your experience .


            Thanks . I found that out the other day, and secured some intense domain names that I'm going to use, so as not to mess with my main domain. I got accepted after my initial rejection for having an "incomplete site" - now it's just a matter of straightening out the paperwork.

            I do like the sub-domain feature though. That's probably the one HUGE drawback of my current host - it's a $25 setup fee for each one, and there is a limit of 5. Otherwise, I'd love to have one for all of my main directories, like Images, cgi-bin, etc.

            "The dot-com bust has cleared out the carpetbaggers and left the Internet to those who really care about it"
            - Jon Ippolito, new-media curator, Guggenheim Museum


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              Just for the sake of adding one more stat to this topic, I'll post mine:

              Date Launched: 3 weeks ago
              Members: 139
              Posts: 15,000
              Posts Per Day: about 400
              Visits: It's sorta hard to explain, since everything is divided into monthy visits, but from what I see, I get about 5000 a day from forums. You can see for yourself by viewing my Public Stats @

              In a matter of opinion, I think that when people come and they see "139 Registered Members", they may leave right away. There are several competing sites with forums that have more than 5000 members, but the same amount of posts as me. They have to prune, I don't (Thank god for unlimited space) I think that if I was to get rid of the registered member count, the score would be a little more even.

              I've been thinking about getting rid of the Registered Member count for a while because of the same reason you stated Jim, it may lose you more members. My forums are the best out of all competing sites, but you don't really get a chance when the other guys have 5000 members. I guess people would rather be in large communities where they don't stick out instead of small ones where they make waves.

              Oddly enough, I'm actually getting more visits from my site than I am from my forums. I never thought that'd happen But I guess it's a compliment in the long run, for all my hard work on the website itself. Even still, I wish I could show off my forums a bit more. I think that I'll go get rid of the registered member count and see if that helps over the next few days. Just a private experiment

              Thanks for listenin- er, reading

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                Shri, would you post the content of "loggedin.php" for me?


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                  Just sharing my stats... we are a netgaming italian community started about 10 months ago, though "real stuff" has started since 3-4 months ago, and "really real stuff" (gaming servers, official website, etc...) will start with the new year.

                  Name: NGX Forum
                  (NGX stands for Net Gaming X-perience)

                  URL: (there is an english rules page, dont worry tho 99% of the content on the forum is italian :P)

                  Date launched: as i said, around 10 months ago

                  Members: 4,427 (without counting the just pruned users awaiting email act with no posts, they were more than 900 heheh)

                  Posts: 533,357

                  Posts per day: presently, somewhere around 3000-4000

                  Hits per day: around 50.000

                  We plan to hit 10.000 members and 15.000 posts per day, as soon as we "go live" with the official website and servers ^_^
                  Info: Mad4Games Admin
                  Contact: E-Mail | PM | ICQ
                  Welcome Home Netgamer


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