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Relevance to a 1 number difference in ip address?

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  • Relevance to a 1 number difference in ip address?


    Let's say that someone from a smallish Island has an ip address of
    What is the significance of another member from that very same Island having and ip of:

    Would this guy be 'in fact' the same person, or could there be a chance
    that someone living a few miles away could share such a close successive

    I have someone on my site saying that he's not the same person I suspect him to be?

    Thanks for the look!

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    It's easily possible that someone living a mile away has such a close number.
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        It's possible that both and are IPs of a proxy bank for an ISP, so it is entirely possible that this is the same user. However, if it's a proxy, you could expect to see other people using these IP addresses too.

        Alternatively, it could be a single person who owns a small IP range rather than a single IP (we have eight IP addresses allocated to our building here)


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          I guess it's probably a proxy bank?

          Thanks for your responses, guys!


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            From the sounds of it, its likely a proxy bank..

            Then it all depends, if the person is a dial-up user, their IP address can change each day and be very similiar to the IP address used on other days.

            These days most users arent using dial-up, which is why it's more likely a proxy bank of IP's..

            To know for sure you would have to lookup details on the actual IP..
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