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  • Multiple forums with paid subscriptions...

    Well this isn't a "How-to" or "Support" thread so I didnt know where to drop this other then here.

    At any rate I'd like to see what other forum admins with multiple forums with paid subscriptions are doing to seperate the two? For example I have three sites all three running vBulletin within those three sites two of them have a "Premium Membership" for $20 a year both being paid via Paypal. The down side is from looking at paypal I have no idea where the payments are coming from (ex. Site 1 or Site 2). Even more of a pain are those members that are a premium member on BOTH sites.

    What's everyone else doing in this matter?

    -Michael Get out and stay out of debt.

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    Why does it matter where the money is coming from? As long as your getting it .


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      Why not create a seperate e-mail address for each site? It all goes into the same paypal account.

      Then you will know.
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        I am thinking of purchasing vbulletin for the purpose of membership. Can I use vbulletin to create a members only area that members can download "How To Video's"? Also can I have different levels of membership? ie: Bronze - Platinum - Gold?


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