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Looking for some chat software

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  • Looking for some chat software


    I am looking for some chat based software to add to my site... preferably something that has a C/C++ daemon and a good Java / ActiveX client.

    Any suggestions? The server should run on Linux...


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    Run IRCd (PTlink is a good choice) and a PHP or Java interface to the chat. IRC is a relatively stable, high-throughput protocol/server that everyone knows.


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      Just a quick update.

      I ended up using ircd and jpilot's IRC client software.

      It was fairly easy integrating with vbulletin logins also

      The site is on



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        I found a very clean and easy to use interface at

        They say you can integrate it with current databases. I am checking to see if we can use VB with it.

        Really awesome chat app.
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          We've been using Digichat for maybe a year now and it's great software - if you can get it to work. It doesn't work for WebTV users and we get several complaints a week from users who cannot, for whatever reason log in. For the majority of users, though, it's great. As far in integrating with a membership system such as vB it's pretty simple with DigiChat. Overall I give it the thumbs up. FYI, we use the chat with their hosting, not our own.


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            username, are you using Digichat on your server or are they hosting it for you?

            I love the product, and am currently having it hosted (until I see how 3.0 works out). Is there a way to integrate this? I would love to hear how!


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              This is pretty good to i use it on my site at coolsurfin


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                Me2Be - I am using digichat with them hosting it.

                To manage my chat memberships, I have been using a CGI script from Wet Canvas:
                My developer took a look at DigiChat and said it will be easy to integrate with vB & my existing membership system.

                The guy from Wet Canvas offers one script that integrates with UBB out of the box, and one that is stand alone. Looking at the Wet Canvas script that I have, it doesn't look too complex - but I will still pay somene to do it rather than try it myself.


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                  It should be possible to integrate any chat with vb.

                  A few lines of code did it for me.


                  <? if ($bbusername != "" ){ ?>
                  <applet name="jchat" archive="" code=Chat.class width=600 height=410 vspace="0" >

                  <param name="NickName" value="<? echo $bbusername ?>">
                  <param name="UserName" value="<? echo $bbusername ?>">
                  <param name="RealName" value="<? echo $bbusername ?>">
                  <? } else { ?>

                  <font size="3" face="arial, verdana, sans-serif">
                  Our chat application is only available to <b><a href="">registered users</a></b>.

                  <? } ?>


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                    I've been on the user end of HumanClick. It seemed pretty nice. The webmaster using it said they like it also.

                    Does anybody else have experience with it?
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                      I've used Human Click. Its ok.. sometimes tends to spook visitors a bit when they visit your page and see you trying to chat with them. More than half the visitors I tried to chat with, would shut down the browser ... perhaps out of panic!



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                        Chat stuff.

                        Has anyone tried MultiCity chat? They are running banners on some of the webmaster sites right now. They claim the chat will translate languages on the fly or something. Interested to know if anyone has had any experience with using them? Here's the link:

                        It looks to me like them may not offer a paid - non ad supported - version, which would probably cause me to balk.


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                          it looks pretty good, I think I'll register and see how well it works later today.


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                            Langoo.Com has one of the best multi-lingual software on including chat / greeting cards etc...... I'm trying really hard to get them to figure out that co-branding is the way for them to increase their reach.


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                              ^ Advert spam?

                              I used phpmychat once before, worked alright

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