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A question about announcement forum on my site :)

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  • A question about announcement forum on my site :)

    Hi there :-)

    I was curious about something, and before I just go make drastic changes I wanted to discuss this with my staff members. But I am starting to get doubts and could use some feedback from other vb admins.

    I have 1 single forum for announcements, but it is a bit hard to quickly find what you are looking for. We offer various news (vbulletin .org/.com announcements via rss-feeds and our own site news announcements. But also newsletters, status update information and some other things.

    The first thought I had was to make some sub forums and split this up. But I also don't want to make this cluthered. So I am looking for a solution.

    Anybody? How would you perhaps handle this if you were the admin of my site?

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    I would use a sub forum for announcements as you generate quite a lot of inhouse news.
    Kerry-Anne :)

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      What I would do is in the main announcement forum, sticky the single generic announcements as threads (newsletters etc, one per post in the thread) since it's not worth the clutter of a sub-forum unless there's a reasonable amount of threads to go in it, then use the rest of the main forum for other generic site announcement and for groups of more specific announcements use sub-forums.

      I use the javascript syndication to pull the latest announcement (just the latest one) to the navbar below the private messages total, seems to work well.


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