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  • Microsoft office 2007 (GO OPEN)

    What do all think about microsoft office 2007.
    In my opinion its a great program and its so beautiful looking especially on vista.
    There are many new features on it including the new ribbon system which in my opinion is a stroke of genius.

    However although I dont have office 2007 just tried it out on a friends computer I think that its a waste of money for most of us.

    Open Office would be my first choice although it looks really ugly compards to 2007. But its free which is very handy for us students who are not able to afford microsoft.



    more tips on cheaper office alternatives:

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    The question is, do you need all those tools, and if so, how hard do you need them?

    If you only need excell for simple things once in a while, try google spreadsheets. Or use the online agenda/calendar from google.

    For word processor alternatives you could consider just using wordpad or go for abiword which is platform independent.

    Some people spend so much money on office full versions and enterprise editions, etc .. and only use word to pre-write emails. Totally wasted their money.

    What do you need? Need it? Buy it!

    i am on a mac, and the only time I need to write things I use textmate as editor, it was like $49 bucks or something, and does the same as what I did using word from office 2004 on the PC. I am glad - as it saved me so much money. I use google's online services for the other things, like calendar etc.

    Office 97 was a great step forward, and office 2000 kind of sucked, office 2004 was really good and office 2007 is a new approach again. Hopefully office 2008 or 2009 will be the 2004 comparison and blow me away. If only they made it less resource intense it would be a nice little tool to use for simple document writing.

    If you need the access, outlook, word, excell, etc from 2007, go for it. Just remember if you dont' that there are great alternative, such as just buying the student edition of word 2007. Saving you so much money.


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      I love my Office 2007. Honestly i dont use every application included, but i do use most.
      Most used being Outlook of course..
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        Originally posted by Floris View Post
        The question is, do you need all those tools, and if so, how hard do you need them?

        Floris - it's absolutely nothing about needing them... it's certainly everything about wanting them.

        Exactly the same as some on here with their wii's eh!

        Need it - you might get it... but want it - you will get it!!! hehehehe


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          I really liked Office 2007. I only ever used Word and Excel sometimes, but I really liked them both. A step forward in my opinion

          I hope the Mac version will be as good.


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            I like the Student/Home suite. Most I would get is Small Business but Student/Home fits my needs. I like the new interface of Word and Excel but it is a shame that they didn't carry it through all the applications. For instance One Note has the same old interface seen in previous versions.
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              Seeing as I am about to get back into writing at some point a decent word processor is a must. I have been using Office 97 since it came out. Lets hope that 2007 is the version that pursudes me to upgrade. Or even better than that lets hope they release a killer version for the Mac that is a Universal Binary.


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                I have Office 2007 installed to my Vista box, and it's really nice. Oddly enough, though, Outlook 2007 can't work with Windows Live Mail accounts or newsgroups, whereas Windows Live Mail desktop, a freeware app, can.

                On my Ubuntu box, though, I can't install Office 2007 without WINE, so I'm stuck with 2.0, although it does just about everything that I needed to get done with Office 2007. It even includes Evolution, an app similar to Outlook, although I prefer Mozilla Thunderbird and Sunbird.


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                  Im so confused Vista and Office are already out??!! If so I need to get my ass a copy.


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                    Yes, they are out for business, just not consumers.


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                      Originally posted by babolo View Post
                      Im so confused Vista and Office are already out??!! If so I need to get my ass a copy.
                      Look for them on January 30.


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                        I like "MS Works" myself. It comes with a good Calendar which is very useful. Also comes with Database, Word Processor, Spreadsheet and so on. Very easy to use and the Word Processor doesn't annoy you like "MS Word" does with it's auto correct this and that. While still having a spell checker built in.

                        I also have Office 2004 installed, but I prefer to use MS Works for ease of use and straight forwardness


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                          Windows Live OneCare releases on Jan 30th also..
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                            Ok Im going to go get it at right now.


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