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IPB is the worst.

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  • IPB is the worst.

    I am so angry at IPB. Let me tell you why. I got a free IPB license from a guy, so it costs $15 to make it a "main account" just so you can change the customer details yourself.
    2nd, I got put in a moderation so I can't post new posts if not a moderator allows the post. Just because I am giving critics to them. They don't wanna hear bad things about them. And there members are angry I am getting "support" for some pre-sales questions I am asking in their forum. Also their support staff is lurking around in the threads with questions but without answering.

    Also, they don't have a pre-sales forum, you gotta email them or call them.

    Third, they are doing false advertising, "Free telephone support included" they say but it is only 30 days for a Standard account.

    Also I got a trial download link from a support, I downloaded it, and nowhere in the contract it said I could only use it 30 days, it looks encoded with zend or ioncube but you can use it how long as you like it seems like. They don't even wanna say how the limitations are, they just say "Remove it in 30 days or we will sue you". They removed it after I emailed them and asked why the trial download was there, they must have put it there by themself. So it was removed and this is what their Team said in an email:

    I'm sorry, if you would like to point out where you were told that you could use the product for free, indefinitely, you are free to do just that. A trial allows you to explore and evaluate a product or service to determine if it meets your needs - if it does, you are expected to purchase. If it doesn't, you are expected to return or otherwise discontinue use of that product or service. Just because the software was provided to you in good faith and does not shut itself off after 30 days, does not mean the 30 day limit doesn't apply.

    Following that logic, when you rent a vehicle, although it doesn't drive itself back to the rental dealership or cease to start after your rental period, the vehicle does not belong to you and if you choose not to pay for it after that period, you are effectively stealing.

    To be honest, I think we've been very accommodating to your questions, however, I don't wish to continue this debate any further. TOS, license agreements and even good faith aside, you do not have a permanent license to use the software. If you wish to behave as if you do, you do so at your own risk and our piracy team will take action in accordance with our policies. When your host contacts you asking to provide proof of licensing, you will of course be unable to do so and your site would be taken down, per our request, in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

    No further discussion or debate is necessary. I applaud your efforts at finding a loophole and saving some money, but I assure you, there isn't one.
    Also, their support is slow, and their software is more expensive than vBulletin. I don't feel they are treating their customers well. They went from a good free forum to a bad licensing "wanna be" vBulletin, but they have just become bad. They are trying to have the exact same licensing as vBulletin, but they are just doing it worse.

    They have also started to remove features. For example the "Card" feature is not in the IPB 2.2, and they gave no reasons why they removed it. Maybe some people liked it right.

    I just felt I gonna write this, because I think they are not fun to play with. Don't waste your money on them.

    This is not a flame post, just for your information!!
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    This is another reason I dislike IPB. The people behind it are real *******s and that is my personal, unbiased opinion of my dealings with them.


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      This is not the place to discuss the policies and your dealings with other companies.
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