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Does anyone else wish people would use more descriptive post titles?

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  • Does anyone else wish people would use more descriptive post titles?

    Especially in the support forums
    A page of "upgrade problems" is so much less usefull than
    Problem on step 3 of upgrade to 3.60b1
    Webmaster in charge of technical stuff and taking out the trash., and a few others I am forgetting!

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    I have a link that says "Please be descriptive" next to the subject field on newthread that points to .

    Some people are just stupid.
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      Yep, life would be so much easier on forums if this were the case. This is why I like the concept of thread preview in Invision, and the hovering over the thread title to get the description in vB
      Dean Clatworthy - Web Developer/Designer


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        It does takes some effort to use least amount of words to aptly describe a title, and the is one of the first things that we modify for our members, preferably before the first reply is submitted.
        An appropriate title helps to keep the thread content reasonably on track, helps members when searching for info and gives a better positioning in search engine placement.
        It is for these reasons that modification of thread titles gets high priority at our support forums.