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How much do big forums spend to run their forum and does adsense support these costs?

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    Originally posted by Hemanth View Post
    What are the alternatives of adsense? Eventhough i have tried almost all of them i cann't find one good as Adsense.

    You can always sell the ad-space yourself. This could be complicated based on your experience (ie. need an advertisement terms agreement etc. and solicite business owners).

    I havent tried this yet for my forum. But, the CMS software that i have been looking at, has a built in ad-module to allow me to place ads anywhere on my website or forum.

    So as my website gains popularity and i shift from strictly a south florida web forum to a south florida magazine, then i will be soliciting florida business owners for ad placement.

    Then you can charge them different prices based on where their ad is displayed.

    For example, you might charge $950 a month for an ad on your main webpage that is permanent for those 30 days. At least thats what some community magazines down here are charging. They also vary price based on size of ad, similiar to print ads.

    If you get a good ad-module, it allows you to manage different ads, set it to expire by date or number of views or number of impressions etc. It also emails the advertiser with statistics and when it is going to expire and they can renew via your website paypal etc.

    Well thats the functionality that a good CMS can provide you with, then integrate vBulletin into the CMS!

    Unfortunately, for most of us, just using google ads is the easiest way!


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      Adsense works fine, but it is not the only solution. There are great alternatives such as or bitvertiser or etc. Even yahoo has something like adsense. You can also start selling header/footer text/image ad space on your own site.

      Or create a mixture of all these.


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        There's also But honestly, none of them are as good as Adsense. With Adbrite I got like 10 bucks a month, with Adsense I predict about 50 bucks per month (which almost enough to cover the VPS server).


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          heres something to base your on i run a forum deciated to knives ( ), survial and blade craft i have 73 users so far with 2234 posts, attachments/images are used heavly and with the other php files and data base entrys i have ( link and knife reviews ) i am sitting on a total back up size ziped of 30mb, with that i am getting about 100-200 guests a week ( 3 forums are open to the public ) my band with is about 2.5 Gb per month.

          this is only for a tiny forum.

          if u want to know stats about a decent size, busy, high attchments/images and heaps on PM's contact a guy named spark at he is normaly willing to answer basic questions


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            Creating subscriptions is a good thing to do as well. People like to pay for more features on a popular forum. Things like a bold red name, bigger avatar / inbox space etc . This helps with paying costs.


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