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Moon landing ... a HOAX ????

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  • Moon landing ... a HOAX ????

    ok guys, heres a thing to really talk about.

    check out this link and let us know what YOU think


    Clik Here !!!
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    We landed on the moon, anyone who thinks otherwise is a kook.
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      Same people trying to prove that the Messiah either did or did not exist. Kooks? I would say so.

      How can these people believe that there is a devine creator and a man that walked the earth that was of him (messiah), if they cannot even believe that the US walked on the moon?

      Lack of faith in these people show huge ignorances day in and day out. Some people just have to see everything for themselves to actually believe that it indeed happened. Some people have to see everything for themselves to believe that it is true. How sad.


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        I can't get that link to load, but I think I have a good idea about what you're talking about.

        I believe we did land on the moon, but there are at least two good points that people can use to try to prove we didn't:

        [edit]After looking at one of the sites in that post these are both explained...hehe..[/edit]

        These are some good points but I still believe we landed on the moon, I mean why make up the whole thing with Apollo 13 if this was all a hoax?

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            heres the link again :-




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              That fox special was ridiculous to the extreme.

              Go here for a detailed debunking of their bad science.


              Or if you want some really nice debunking with picture examples and so on, try here. It's another excellent resource for this stuff...


              It just amazes me that people will basically believe just about anything they see on tv.
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                Fox and 100% of television news are full of bullsh*t and nothing more.

                Just tonight I was watching the news here in LA. Well the california lottery jackpot just grew to over $100 million and guess what? The lame-a** ABC News started reporting which numbers have been picked the most and which numbers have been picked the least in past lotteries. Yeah that's it. Just teach the people to start believing in BAD MATH. Idiots!

                It's like if I rolled heads 10 times in a row in a coin toss, and then I asked you, what's the probability of it landing on a tail the next time? It's still 50/50!

                Damn when I have kids, I'm gonna NOT let them watch more than 1 hour of TV PER DAY!
                Well, there it is.
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                  Originally posted by Skeptical
                  The lame-a** ABC News...
                  Please please please don't confuse your local ABC affiliate with ABC News. Your local affiliate is just that - an affiliate who uses programming and the ABC name in exchange for money. Whereas ABC News (network) would not run a story on what lotto numbers had been picked the most...


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