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someday hacking will be a bad history

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  • someday hacking will be a bad history

    I always say : hacking like stealing money , then throw that money in the sea

    I own an islamic forum .. last year I suffered from some idiot christian hackers , they were a nightmare ..but now I have a perfect protection and I can say to any hacker : go to hell

    someday hackers will be a bad history by using a good protection,

    but we need a law to punish hackers rapidly , like any thief

    what do you think ?

    Is it easy to trace hackers?
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    There is already a law.

    Unauthorized access == illegal.


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      Originally posted by Floris View Post
      There is already a law.

      Unauthorized access == illegal.
      But the law does not work well ..
      What about tracing hackers ?

      BTW .. this is my forums site :


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        ..but now I have a perfect protection and I can say to any hacker : go to hell

        That is where you will go wrong, Thinking you have the perfect protection. Not saying what you have isn't good.

        even with the newest firewalls, and even with the newest vB someone is out there figuring out a way to exploit that.

        Is there a way of tracing the hackers? To an extent. If you have the log from the server you may be able to track down the IP address that attacked you. But the question is, will the law and the ISP do anything about it?


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          Christian hackers you say? Sounds to me like you're trying to promote an argument here since you purposly mentioned Christians and your Islamic site.


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            As long as there are people, there will be those with the malice and the lack of respect that go around doing things that hurt others... assaults, murder, hacking, theft... it's all the same and as long as humanity is what it is, it will never go away.

            Oh and I agree with everyone else. No protection is perfect and it's a fool who believes he can't be touched or hurt in any way.

            As far as religions, who cares? Live and let live. No one has the right to force their beliefs on others or to hurt someone based on their beliefs. Just let it be.


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              Lets keep this thread about hackers who abuse the system, and not go into religious crap.


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                Remove the mentioning of Christians from this thread then. Otherwise without proof he's discriminating.
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