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  • I'd like some assistance

    For my Senior Project I'm going to be programming a PHP/MySQL photo gallery completely based around OOP. For my informational paper, I'll be doing the history of PHP and HTML web design, and I need to conduct four interviews, at least five questions each.

    This is where you come in! I'd like some ideas as to what questions I should ask, and I also need four people to interview. Preferably, I'd like to interview two webmasters and ask questions along the lines of how has PHP, HTML, and the changes in them effected how you run your site. I'd also like to ask two 'experienced' PHP/MySQL programmers or web designers that have done some client work. All I'd need is an email address should my school decide to validate that the interview is indeed legitimate and your name.

    Please post any ideas for questions here as well as any interest in permitting me to interview you . Please state whether you would be a programmer or webmaster, as well.

    Thank you!

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      1. What is your name?
      2. What is your career or job?
      3. How old were you when you decided to learn programming?
      4. How frequently did you program?
      5. Do you think learning how to program is easier now (w/ the internet) then it was when you first started learning?
      6. What would you tell people that just discovered programming?

      You can rephrase them to fit your interviewees.