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Are forum statistics necessary?

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  • Are forum statistics necessary?

    Simple. Do users need to know how many people are viewing a forum, the total posts count, thread count, online people count, people online pas x hours, people online now, people that have come online, new thread count, new post count, total registered users, birthdays today... etc...

    Do people in general like numbers? Imagine how much bandwidth and rsources is saved if we (administrators / webmasters) don't display these bits of information...

    Perhaps this uery is due to the fact that the statistics for my site are so dismal, but nevermind that...
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    I moved them from forum home to my index page, tucked away. The majority of users couldn't care less for a list of who's online right now, so they don't need to know immediately.

    Users should still be able to see member, post, and thread counts.
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      I think all these numbers are more or less important when your board just started but become more and more unimportant the more your board grows. How does it make a difference if one forums has 3 million or 20 million posts inside. It most likely is active enough and has a big member base. Small forums however need numbers to attract new members as no one really wants to join a dead board.


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        I think many people look at Who's Online, so it's definately worth keeping there.


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          It seems like half of the plugins I've seen are for statistic displays that made me thing "who cares?" - who viewed this thread today, who started threads today, who posted today, who visited the site today, top poster today, new members today, top thread starters, most referrals, most private messages, most use of smileys, users who didn't visit the site today ...
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            It really depends on the personality/intent of the site.
            I felt from the start that all this - 'everybodys watching everybody' - is too intrusive, and removed all traces of such nonsense, including the Welcome Username - You last visited at XX time.

            ... with the exception of admin use of WOL

            The problem I initially saw, as we get a lot of support questions/requests for info at our forums, was if a user saw members who were providing support were online, they would end up emailing the member for personal support, or be awaiting a quick reply at the forums.

            Now that everyone is invisible (removed this from the options too) all is fine and nobody misses this stuff ... and nobody has asked for it even though other forums use it.

            Best thing is to remove it early in the game if you're going to, so you don't get complainers who feel they have had 'gods given rights' to watch everyones move taken away from them.

            Now on the other hand we have some special forums set up for member usergroups to get together for specific or social reasons, and one of these days I may look into how to turn on WOL just for these forums.

            ... which illustrates things like this aren't always applicable forum wide and for all members.
            ... different strokes for different folks


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              Having re-read the first post ...
              I've removed Thread and Post count at Forum Home as I feel this is superfluous and gives more space on this page to extend thread/post title info.
              We've kept thread reply count and view count intact at forum display.
              We show users total posts count, but at our site if a user has a high post count it is because they have provided helpful content and aren't posts bloated by drivel.


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