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Uhm, isn't this a bit of a problem? Google Code Search...

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    the best technology? who do you think you're kidding? another yank trying to prove everyone how america is the best country in the world? you mate are very much lacking in education. most of this 'advanced technology' you were so keen to speak about actually comes from a completely different continent (which, I hear, is a one amorphous blob to you lot). namely Japan (consumer electronics) and Russia (millitary).


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      Which part of -ontopic- wasn't clear?


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        Sort it out people, this thread will be closed if there is any more argument about whose country is better than whose and who is more letigious.

        This is a thread about Google Codesearch tracking down and publishing copyrighted material that has been accidentally (or purposefully) placed in publicly-accessible locations on the internet.


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          Google has the potential to change the face of copyright law imo.

          They first started by archiving just words from web pages as part of their search engine database. Then they started caching pages and images - which had a small amount of retaliation from some web sites who didn't want their stuff cached. They also got into a little trouble over the image cache since Google cached the very images some web sites were trying to sell. That all passed over though.

          Now, with the latest purchase of You Tube - they have been dubbed a copyright liability due to all of the content they've aquired.

          Add into this the Code search, and the fact that Google is basically slurping up all the data and information out there on the 'net - and pretty soon we're going to have to reconsider copyright laws, the way they are implicated and the way artists/companies/copyright holders are paid for their work - if thats at all possible in the future.

          Don't forget - copyright doesn't last forever. It's a right granted to artists/inventors/creators that protects them for a short period of time to be rewarded for their work. After that predefined length of time (now life + 70 years?) the copyright expires and is then part of the public domain.

          It's designed to encourge these types of people to actually release their invention/creation/ideal into the world so that everyone can see it and so that ultimately, one day, society will benefit overall from their efforts.

          Some people choose to let their work benefit society immediately whilst simultaniously retaining the copyright to credit their name. Also known as free software!

          Google Code is aimed at the free/open source software world - and these 2 worlds are have been colliding for a few years now. Rightly or wrongly, I can't see a future for anything which is released under copyright law from an author who expects payment.

          Not meant as a troll or a flame (/me hides from Kier) just my thoughts.
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            That seemed perfectly fitting with the topic to me, Martz - no need to hide


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              Must admit, Google are not afraid to take gambles and lead the way in this field, were other search engines fear to tread. Which is good to see...


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                Yeah, but that's mainly because they can afford to deal with any liabililty backlash.


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                  Yeah, they can take the backlash now. But what about risks they took earlier on before they was huge though.


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                    Hmm. Doing that code search for license numbers, you could ended up with a large list of illegal sites to send to Jelsoft, if anyone hasn't done it already.


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                      Originally posted by Wheels View Post
                      Hmm. Doing that code search for license numbers, you could ended up with a large list of illegal sites to send to Jelsoft, if anyone hasn't done it already.
                      The staff here can do this themselves if they want too, so there's no real need for anybody else to do it and report the sites to jelsoft.


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