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  • TonyComix
    • Jul 2006
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    Classics Coming Back!

    of course, turtle fans that have enough time to find out info on the upcoming movie would know alot about it.

    For the longest time, i was hoping for a movie (well, another one anyways) and finally late '05- early '06 i have heard about the movie and it being CGI, well, they have a guaranteed how it would look and when it will come out, who here is going to see it??

    Definitely me obviously, but who here would still even though most of the fans have grown out of them?
    the top banner will bring you to the trailer and more info on the movie!

    Another awesome and yet old cartoon most of us loved while growing up, Transformers, it will come out 7-4-07 (think independence day) and there are many more spoilers out now.
    Transformers: Rise of the Beasts the official site. In theatres June 09 2023 brought to you by Paramount Pictures.

    Know any more awesome classics that are coming back?? Deathlok should be played by Samuel Jackson, Feel free to post any more, yes comic book movies count too, any news on Iron man? He's always been my favorite marvel hero.

    Comic Movies Coming Out:
    Spidey 3 (final)
    Hulk 2
    Wonder Woman
    Ghost Rider
    Batman 2 (sequel to Batman Begins)
    TMNT Movie (yes, based off the comic like the first one was)
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Ghost Rider
    Spider-man 3
    The Hulk 2
    Wonder Woman
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  • chewbacca
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    • Sep 2004
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    I'm looking forward to Spider-Man 3 more than TMNT because by the time I got to watch many cartoons the Turtles were never on. It was all Spidey for me.

    The last I heard of Iron Man was that some famous or somewhat prominent designer's concept of the suit got rejected.

    I never saw much of Iron Man either (I barely knew English when I saw Iron Man), but he looked like a pretty cool guy. I had this card once of "War Machine" which looked like a better, blue Iron Man. I'd like a suit like that.


    • WurkAnimal
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      • Aug 2005
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      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


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