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Best Banner Rotation Script for vBulletin?

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    Should I change the src to the full URL?
    I did just that and it worked ... wohoo!!

    Thanks everyone. Your all wonderful people.


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      Originally posted by auto
      I'm not sure which file it is... probably , open it up and check for any spaces before <? and after ?> and delete them.
      Auto, you da man!

      There was spaces after line 47 ">?" in

      Thanks again bude.


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        Im stumped here.

        Is there a time setting on phpadsnew ?
        Im setting ads, but they turn up in USA time, not Australian.
        Server is at VO in the US. But it's shared hosting, so I can't change the time on the server.

        I'm guessing I can't do anything about this?


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          Has anyone gotten the iframes to work? I've been trying to get the coding for this correct but it doesn't seem to work. It always makes the box a weird size and ads scrollbars to it where it tries to insert the banner. If I set the size for the iframe to 468x60, it seems to make it too small. If I make it bigger, then there are grey borders. Any help perhaps? Everything else seems to be working.


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            I believe that dot-banner is a ad-banner script designed with vBulletin in mind.


            It might be worth a look!

            John Percival

            Artificial intelligence usually beats real stupidity ;)


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              PHP Code:
              <iframe width="468" height="60"
              src="" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" frameborder="0"
              is what you need to have for the iframe to function properly.


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                Can't get phpAdsNew ads to display

                I am using this code on my site to call up my banners at the bottom of my site pages using phpMyAdsNew:

                At the top of a file:


                Then in

                <? print("<tr><td colspan=4>\n");
                view("edc_sponsors", 0, "_blank");
                print("</td></tr>\n"); ?>

                That produced no banner when I included the header file code in the PHP parsed code field in vBulletin's templates form and the footer file code in the footer field. So I tried to adapt auto's code suggestion like this:

                In PHP parsed code:

                $ad_view=view("edc_sponsors", 0, "_blank");

                In Footer:

                <? ad_view[html] ?>

                That called up the ad fine but killed the forum itself. Here is the error code:

                Database error in vBulletin: Invalid SQL: SELECT * FROM usergroup WHERE usergroupid=6
                mysql error: Table 'forumdatabase.usergroup' doesn't exist

                Can anybody help sort this one out?



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                  Originally posted by auto
                  Go to Modify Styles > [fonts/colors/etc] > and in the PHP parsed code include this:
                  PHP Code:
                  and then where you want to show the actual banner put this in:
                  PHP Code:
                  , in my case it was in the header template.

                  I am pretty sure that's it.
                  I did this and it pulls up my ad, but how do I specify which ads to use? For example, I have an ad at the top and bottom of my forum, but I want the top to call a different ad then the bottom one... Hope ya understand! Thanks!!!


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                    anyone? I am trying to get my site up for a "re-launch" soon!


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                      When viewing a thread on my site I get this error:

                      Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at e:/sites/ads/ in ./admin/functions.php on line 1183
                      Any ideas? I am still also looking for an answer about my above question... Thanks!

                      Almost forgot... Does anyone know what code I use to add specefic ads to .shtml pages? Thanks again!
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                        Did you look at the manual? I think the answers to several of your questions such as displaying specific ads as well as displaying on non-PHP pages (via iframes and javascript) are in there. Some of this information is also further up in this thread.


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                          The manual is kinda skimpy. I found one possible way of doing it on .shtml pages, but I was wondering how everyone else does it. Also it doesnt answer the question I had about using the variable or making another variable to use on my forums to display two specefic ad spaces...


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                            What Version of PHPAdsNew?

                            I have VBulletin 2.01 PHP version.

                            What version of PHPAdsNew would be best to use? Should I use 2 Beta5 or 1.9.2?


                            I just went through a whole problem of reloading VBulletin because I had installed the PHP3 version, and I hope not to make the same kind of mistake again.



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                              I'm bringing this thread back to life......

                              Does anyone happen to have step-by-step integration instruction how to get phpAdsNew to work with vBulletin version 3 Beta 4? Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

                              I go phpAdsnew installed and configured for all the correct banners. I am hitting the wall on trying to figure how to get it integrated with vBulletin 3 beta 4.



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                                I haven't upgraded to vB3 as of yet, so I haven't even looked into making sure my ads still work.


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