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What is the Secret of Google Adsense?

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    Adsense Is Used Too Much

    As with all great things in my opinion I think that adsense is been used too much everyone knows what it is and more and more people are becoming increasingly reluctant on clicking those adds.
    I think that adsense is actually causing annoyance because thats all some sites have posted.
    Like you all I would like to have thousands of visitors but its getting very hard to attract with the fact the nowadays so many people have websites.
    You need to come up with the next big thing. Like YOUTUBE GOOGLE AND MYSPACE.

    The top earner on adsense at present is making 3 hundred k's every month.
    Imagine that and he and his girlfriend is the only one working on the site.
    It's an online dating site.
    The link is on my site.


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      Placement and choosing the right design is key sometimes.

      Get the right content that is interesting for your members, so they have a reason to click on the proper keyworded adsense links.

      Don't push the ads in their face, but don't hide it from view.

      Don't forget your vb forum also has an archive. You can place a banner there at the top and right, or left, and bottom. You can have 3 different adsenses on a page now. Allowing much more choice and better clickthroughs.

      The secret is having multiple web sites, multiple content, and using one adsense account to cover all. If one site gives you $30 a month, imagine if you have 3 web sites, you will probably at least double the income.

      If you have 10 web sites, and each site makes $1, you make $10 a month, that's 9 more then you would have had with just 1 site.


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        Originally posted by E Business GURU View Post

        The top earner on adsense at present is making 3 hundred k's every month.
        Imagine that and he and his girlfriend is the only one working on the site.

        Yeah i recently spoke about a CNN story of a blogger who talks about new tech gadgets (ie. the WII or PS3 etc) and is making $60k per month from google ads on his blog site.


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          Originally posted by Creepshow View Post
          I'm pretty sure how long a domain is registered for has nothing to do with how well a site does with Google. I renew my domains yearly, so if I decide I don't need a certain domain any more, I can cancel it and save more money than I would have had I registered it for 5 or even 10 years.

          Where did you hear this anway? I mean, maybe it is true, but I would be surprised to be honest.

          Yes, from what I read if you register your domain for a long time, like 5 or 10 years. Google gives it a higher ranking because it knows unlike a domain only registered for 1 year. It knows it's going to be around for a while and chances are it will be a permanent domain to stay, and not a fly by: here one year gone the next year domain. So it gives more importance to a domain that is registered for a long time.

          Not saying it's true, but I read the same thing myelf. That's why I registered my domain for 10 years.


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