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  • Spamming

    We have recognized a spamming account in two of our forums.

    User: 777
    Mail: [email protected]

    Look at your forums and delete the account. The IP is somewhere in Romania.

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    You know, I wondered if he was when this guy showed up on my boards earlier today. Thanks very much.

    Must be a human registration, as we have a custom question (No Spam! hack) which throws up a random question (of about 20) every time.


    • #3
      Yep, that person joined my forum today and posted three spam threads. forums - For DeLorean owners and enthusiasts.


      • #4
        Man it must be spam day lol.
        I've been running into them all day. I'm going to look into that no spam hack though.


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          Speaking of spam, the other day I came across a informercial on late night tele and the product they were selling was an "internet marketing" proggy. They were explaining on how it can put your message on the Yahoo and Google groups and message boards.

          The part that irked me is they showed a forum and they mentioned that their software can get around the latest image verification systems. I really wanted to call their 800 and give them a piece of my mind. They kept saying it's not spam when it's really is.


          • #6
            It could be a coincidence but in the span of the last 3 weeks we've received 5 forum spammers, advertising products, all with e-mails from Prior to that we didn't have any. I can't say for sure but in our case it seems that users with the e-mail account are registering and once logged in our forum they start spamming. Fortunately our moderators pick it up quickly before the spamming gets out of hand.

            I don't know why the spamming is occuring all of a sudden but I hope it's not becoming a trend.


            • #7
              XE has been hit by heavy spamming from numberous usernames....we're looking to upgrade in the next few weeks (or months), and try to stop the spam, and bring prosperity & quality to the site.


              • #8
                Romania?? Oh my god, my country-members are hackers
                Posted 3 threads on some 2 forums too!


                • #9
                  Today we caught another spammer using e-mail. That's a total of 6 in the last 3 weeks now; for our forum that is a lot. Sigh...


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